"We don't have business problems, we have life problems that reflect in our business"

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We help you become the best version of yourself while building your business online.

Your Goals Become Our Daily Tasks

Kohdi Rayne - Quantum Strategist
Kohdi Rayne - Quantum Strategist

Aphid ID was born with the honest entrepreneur in mind. Every amazing idea started in the brain of a creative individual with the desire to solve a problem.

We love to work with businesses with the desire and mindset to solve problems and add value with their product to the 70,000,000 people ready to buy from them today, but are having trouble locating them.

That’s only 1% of the world’s population.

We work with the "heavy hitters" & the ones that know what they want but have hit a roadblock & are ready to be coached by a team of professionals that are experts in what they do.

The business owners that know they need more focus and are itching for a blueprint to take their business to the next level so they can spend more time enjoying the fruits of their labor.

We team up with the determined, passionate, and goal driven go-getters that know they need to financially invest in themselves today, in order for their business to flourish tomorrow.

If this sounds like you, then Aphid ID is here to help you succeed. Period!

Our specialists start by getting absolute clarity on who you are as a person and help you develop an unstoppable mindset for success. Strategically identifying bottlenecks that are holding you back from accessing your true potential.

Whether you've had an idea for years, or are already making money and want to double or triple your income, we design a strategy specific to your needs in an easy-to-follow blueprint to achieve that milestone.

Next, we start defining exactly who your dream clients are and locating them online. Our experienced copywriters speak to their heart with emotional messaging that gets them follow you around the internet until they buy from you at the price you set.

Do you want access to a team of experts daily to increase your prices while adding an immense amount of value in your offers? That's precisely what we do by studying the competition and finding unique ways to do it even better.

Falling In Love With The Process

“You don’t have to be a professional hacker to hack the perfect ad, but you do need a professional to hack an ad perfectly”. Kohdi Rayne - Quantum Strategist

Ad hacking, offer hacking, funnel hacking, email campaign dissection, who has time for that? We do! Competing with the elites is no easy task, but we happily execute it with your goals in mind.

Copywriting is an artform & communicating with your target audience will feel as if we tore a page straight from their diary. This gives you a tactical advantage when persuading them to purchase your product and service without hesitation.

Online marketing can be very daunting and the technical aspects of it slows your focus when done improperly. We eliminate that stress by having a team in place that is experienced in locating the areas that need improvement in the digital realm.

Have you tried executing an targeted email campaign, social media post, visually curated funnel, advanced photo and video editing & everything in between with little to no return on the time spent? It happens, just not to us. We get results and plan for the bottlenecks.

Expanding a brand is beyond frustrating! We know, we've done it countless times.

Aphid ID Mindset
Mantis Masterclass Mindset Module

We help you expertly design your brand and develop a company message that reflects who you are and your team’s mission. From developing your story, to releasing a logo that becomes instantly recognizable to your target audience. The details matter, and that's our clearest vision.

Our Quantum Strategist focuses on all the fundamental elements you may be overlooking before releasing your product to the public. By precision focusing on the smaller aspects, we locate bottlenecks that cause issues when releasing perfect ads on all social media platforms.

Simply put, you have a team of over 60 partners ready to support your dreams and turn your business goals into their daily tasks.

When your goals become ours, your success is inevitable.



Speak with our Quantum Strategist and get absolute clarity on who you are as a person and where you stand as a business. This helps us understand your goals.


Here, we get a clear focus on your goals and start designing a blueprint based on its actuality so you know the next steps to take to achieving them.


Based on our conversation, we identify what's working for you, what isn't, and where we can improve your success rate. Also, how determined you are to get results.


When you decide to work with us, you'll unlock all 60 partners in our network and your goals become ours. Pick a package, make a purchase, join the team.

Execution & Growth

Mindset Over Everything!

We help you focus on the most important aspects of your life and business to develop a healthy outline for success.

The Aphid Group has been helping businesses evolve for a collective 35 years. Taking ideas to the next level of their evolution while monetizing along the way.

Weather you are a big or small company, our area of expertise is helping your gain control of your system and scale to the next level with simplicity, focus, and a team of experts working together for your success.

Mindset Development
Specialized Business Knowledge
Project Management & Effectiveness
Return On Investments



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