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At this point we have talked about titles, tags, descriptions, thumbnails, SEO, best cameras, top webcams, adding value to your videos, excellent editing software & quality vs quantity. We are going to wrap up the YouTube Growth Index with the key points when building a YouTube channel.


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1. One of the most important factors for ranking a video is being found organically. What does organic mean to the YouTube community? It means that when someone searches on a Google or the search bar in YouTube that your video shows up in the top results based on how relative and popular the video is. The more views you have, the more popular it becomes. The more optimized the video is, the higher the chances of being seen. Once your video is uploaded, make sure you submit your links to the massive list of search engines first!

We recommend EntireWeb for this. Submit any link and it gets indexed by tons of search engines at the same time.

Depending on how dedicated you are, using a premium SEO service is always a great idea. Especially if you want to rank for specific keywords or phrases. APHID Inc SEO Services. Remember, Google and YouTube use these submissions to rank your videos. Having professional SEO to your channel is a necessity for rapid growth on the road to monetization.
2. Titles that use emotion words are more effective. Analyse your titles to see if they can be more effective with the links below.
3. #Hashtag every single word from your title in your description. Per example above. EX: In todays episode I am rehearsing a #heartfelt #poem I wrote for my #stepmother. Sadly, this is a #true #story.

White passenger airplane is flying in the sky with clouds

4. Shorten your channel subscription link with BITLY! Go to your channel, copy the address, then add ?sub_confirmation=1. Place it in the very first sentence of your description. Not only does it look professional but this allows you to track how many times that link has been clicked. This is a great for setting up the same link on different websites. You can customize each link based on the social platform you choose to post it on. This way you can see who is clicking your link and where. This is important so you can focus more on an additional platform if one is underperforming.

5. Putting your link in the beginning of your description sparks curiosity. Clicking that link will prompt them with an option “Cancel or Subscribe”. Most people will subscribe just to bypass the prompt, no realizing they can just cancel. Follow that with the repeat of the title using #hashtags for every word. Continue with 3 to 4 sentences describing what to expect. After you paragraph has been written it time to add your additional links.
6. The more tags you use, the more categories it will ultimately fall into. YouTube allows 500 characters or roughly 30 tags. So using the BEST tags are important. Use VidIQ for this as it will run a check system to make sure you have filled all the details in correctly. Download Tube Viper X to examine all the tags the top videos/channels are using.
7. Use Tube Viper X to examine the most watched videos in your respected category. Look at their thumbnails. Examine their style and do something similar. Instagram uses this technique to keep people liking images by create trust and comfortability using this visual format.
6. Make sure you SPEAK your headline during your recording! Do this with the first few sentences of your description as well! Little know fact; this is the fourth and final layer of SEO. YouTube uses this rank your video! A Closed Captioning algorithm is applied to transcribe your words and writes them into the videos metadata. Google and YouTube use this secret #tag layer during searches.
9. Everyone has something to teach, and everyone has something to learn. Asking for a critique triggers the Ego effect (I know more than you so listen to me) and people will engage with your content simply because you asked for their advice.
10. ALWAYS BE POLITE WHEN PROMOTING: This should be obvious, but it’s not practiced as much as you would think. Simply saying please and thank you goes a long way.
BONUS REMINDER: ‘TIME’ is a currency. It holds value. If someone is going to give you some, be appreciative and express it. They don’t have to give you anything. But, feel as though they can live without that portion. Once time has passed, you can never get it back. Remember that.


You have to make sure your videos are optimised. Meaning every aspect of your video needs to focus on quality. Titles that are informative and spark emotion, tags are are accurate and represent what your video is actually about, descriptions with appropriate hashtags and social links with additional information, thumbnails that capture your attention and focus on a specific style. Most importantly, your SEO game needs to be on point.

With all those elements in place you should be spending 3 times the amount of time it took to create the video just promoting it. APHID Inc has a massive list of places to promote that we strategically use to get more views, spark engagement, and find subscribers without being too pushy. As any one of our Insiders and you’ll find a common trait, they are doing it correctly and have the numbers to prove it.


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