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How do you get more traffic to your website for free? Ads, paid advertising really works, right? That’s why they can charge so much money for it.

Today we’re going to be talking about free methods of increasing organic traffic. As well as increasing that organic traffic. You’re basically promoting your website for free on Google and other places using search engine optimization and other techniques like good old-fashioned psychology. We’ll be talking about how to drive new viewers to your website, then how to drive repeat viewers back to your website, and finally, some tips that really apply to both of those categories.

1.  How do you increase new viewer traffic to your website? I’ll be giving two sections, two tips for this.


Organic traffic starts where the people are
SEO Puts you right in the middle of where everyone is

I mean, gone are the days where you could just write and just hope that people would find you. Now, you really have to get in front of them. So yes, that does mean things like getting in Facebook groups and then actually promoting there and letting people see what kind of value you can bring to the table, but also in threads where people are having conversations about your top.

Google loves to see your link severy where, if they’re relevant. Right? If you just hire a company to kind of spray your links around the world, the algorithms pick up on that. They’re extremely sophisticated. But if it’s a relevant content, then it really gives Google a little clue to “Hey! This is where people are talking about this and this is something that might add value to them”.

Another place, another way to do this is through things like collaborations.

Go to people that already have an audience, that are your potential viewers and let them basically do a lot of the work for you. Acquiring a new viewer is really difficult so let them do that work for you and then go there and do something like a mini training or a cross promotion with that person so that you can get in front of their people.

Another really great way to think about this is with guest posting. Guest posting by far is probably the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to time spent on organic methods of driving people to your website.

If you can get a guest post placed on a really well-known website that then links back to yours, Google then believes that you have more credibility and authority and it raises all of your search engine rankings across your site and for all of your blog posts to an extent. That’s really powerful but on top of that, you have a potential within 24 hours if a guest post really hits well to drive just thousands of people back to your website overnight.

And if that article then ranks well on Google because it’s a well-known site, you could get long-term lead generation there as well, long-term traffic. What you’re really doing with both of these things is you’re allowing social proof to work for you which is just the part of the human brain that says, if someone that I trust recommends this person, I’m more likely to believe in that person.

Basically, when you are guest posting on an important site like entrepreneur magazine and they mention you’re featured in an article, people automatically imagine that they are really recommending you and so it bumps up your authority and your credibility. Not just with them, but also when actual people and friends share the articles.

  • Oh! They think it’s important.
  • They think it’s valuable.
  • Let me go check this out!

You should always have one call-to-action on your blog posts, and that one, most of the time should be ‘share this.

Increase organic traffic with SEO
SEO is the backbone of organic traffic. Every network thrives on its importance.


Huge one, big one. But just a really important way to think of it and something that I think a lot of people aren’t thinking about is that you really need to know exactly what your people are looking for.

Here’s the deal, so often we think we know what they need to know but that’s not what they’re actually searching for.

That’s not how they describe it. That’s not the solution they think may be a potential solution for them. In order to figure that out, there’s a great Chrome extension called Keywords Everywhere and that will show you what people are searching for. If you type one search term into pretty much any search engine, then, for instance Google, it will show you some other related search topic and it’ll also give you the volume.

It’ll let you know how many people are searching for that topic, or topics like that. You really want to look obviously at terms that people are actually searching for. There’s no point in you trying to rank for terms that people are not searching for, but you also want to start out low. In the beginning, your website will not have the authority according to Google that some of the other big hitters will have. Trying to rank on those search terms that have mega volume will just be kind of like shouting in the wind. Reel it back in, start with baby steps and go for lowers.

Search terms that tend to be longer search terms that fewer people are searching for but where you have a better chance of actually ranking really well. Just remember to put those Keywords Everywhere. It’s also in the metadata of your site. If you have pictures posted in that blog, they should also contain the keywords. The title for sure should contain the keywords. You want to make sure that you have about at least a thousand words in your blog post. You want to make sure that the keywords also show up there and related keywords also show up there. They are not just stuffing your content.

You actually want to speak in a conversational way and you want to make sure that it’s something that Google will believe is authentic and real and not just a place where you’re stuffing a lot of keywords but you do actually want to make sure that they’re in there.

Think about things like your topic, subject headings, and words that you bold, words that you capitalize, things that you’re doing to show Google that, “Hey! This is really important and this is what I’m going to be talking about in the next paragraph.

I definitely remember that Pinterest is also a search engine so the same thing applies those keywords are really really important for Pinterest, and you can then look at the title and you can see what things are trending and what’s important because here’s the thing. People create really heavy great value posts but then they just throw a title on there at the end of the day just to get it published. But the title is the most important part of your post, because people won’t click on it if they don’t actually like the title. Spend some time on the title because it’s really really super important.

For repeat customers. In the old days, people would sign up for the RSS feed and they’d get notified when you had a new blog post. But unfortunately, that just doesn’t happen anymore. People aren’t really doing that as much. You want to make every effort that you can to get them onto your list. That requires offering them something in exchange for their email address like a really important piece of information, a lead magnet of some sort where they’ll be willing to give up that information for you.

Also think about allowing people to actually get to know you, because then they’ll want to come back. Think about that engagement, actually responding to people that comment on your posts.

They don’t tend to do it as much on the blog posts anymore. They tend to do it more in social settings like Facebook, but always be there to be a real person and actually answer back and also provide teasers. For instance, put something in there that incentivizes and motivates people to want to come back to your site. It can be like, “Hey! We’re doing a five-part series, this is part number two,” or it can be “Stay tuned for next week coz I’ll be talking about exactly how to do this thing that I’ve just been describing”.

At this point, we’ve talked about new traffic both being where they are and search

engine optimization and then we’ve talked about repeat customers. Here are somethings that work for both of those categories.

Organic traffic! Get to know your audience first!
The more you know about your audience, the easier it is to give them what they are looking for

Know them. REALLY know your people

Understand the psychology of that because you really need to know exactly what they’re thinking about and what they are searching for, how they perceive their problem, the kind of solutions they’re thinking about and why, like what really moves them, what is driving them? This is just critically important and yes, a tool like Keywords Everywhere can give you a leg up on some of that information, but the best thing by far is actually getting on the phone and really talking to somebody.

A great way to increase your know-like and trust value is to use video on your blog. Not enough people are doing that.

This is just when people are actually able to see you and hear you and pick up on all of those nonverbal clues that just like fills up their database in terms of what they know about you and they feel like they know you better than they would if they’re just reading your words on a page. And so allow yourself to like get into the video moment here, do some video work because you can then repurpose that onto YouTube.

Even though it seems like everyone’s doing video, not as many people are doing video and so you’ll tend to rank higher there than you would just for a blog post.

One thing to make sure is that you’re using those keywords in the actual content of your video as well and then you are allowing subtitles on your video so Google can actually read the content of your video and hear those, well hear, and see those search terms talked about and know that it’s actually relevant content. So, a very very important there.

Then, in the comments of YouTube or in the description, link back to your website. Allow Google to see kind of that circuitous loop so that then your blog posts can also rank higher really important. The last thing is social proof, when we’re talking about psychology. I mentioned this briefly before.

But it’s getting other people to post for you or other people to share their credibility with you, because that, at the end of the day, yes it’s a world of algorithms, it’s a world of numbers, it’s a world of volume, but each of those statistics is a real person that’s driven by human psychology and real human needs. So, that’s what I’ve got for you today.

Create new organic traffic while not forgetting about repeat organic traffic. Remember, these are all real people that have very specific ways of thinking about their problem and searching for a solution. It really helps if you can get personal and you can engage in with your people.


There are endless ways to generate traffic. The truth hurts, but the the best practice is to put some cash aside and pay for advertising. You know what they say “it takes money to make money”. Now, we all love saving money. An that is exactly why we put the 3Volve Algorithm together. Most people tend to forget that social media sites are searched first when looking for keywords and phrases. So having a rockin social media presence can really improve your rankings!

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