I’m going to show you seven free amazing online marketing tips & strategies that you can start right now and I promise you this will help you generate up to 60% more organic traffic!

Using these free marketing tips, you will see massive engagement almost overnight!

7 Free Online Marketing Tips For 2019
Finding a strategy that works is easier than it seems. You gotta start somewhere

Getting started!

First of all, let’s see why you should up your online marketing game. According to the stats of 2018 there are over four point zero two one billions of Internet users out of which 37% are active social media users. This number is increasing seven percent year-on-year. So you must be pretty interested to know more about this right?

Well, let’s get started the first strategy which I’m going to show you. Personal branding!

What is personal branding?

it simply means building up your online profile or portfolio so you can compare it to a business card in the real world.

Why personal branding?

Personal branding gives you opportunity to leverage and more trustworthy personal image to promote your brand. Remember, this is the most important step that you should take before moving to another strategy. This is a fundamental step that you should take. There are two ways which you can create a personal branding. First through social media profile & second through your website. With these marketing tips on personal branding you will be able to see an drastic increase in online visibility.

Another benefit of personal branding is it also gives you more power to connect and meet new people on your website. You may provide a section or contact for explaining about your business or a testimonial sections. According to a study, websites which have testimonial sections perform much more than 30 percent better than other websites.


For those who don’t know what SEO means, SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of affecting online visibility of website or web pages. The key idea here is to optimize your website in such a way that it becomes easily searchable on search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Our marketing tips page has a strong focus on SEO being your primary objective.

Think about this: You have a website but you don’t have traffic, how bad would that be? So there are four fundamental steps which you should take the start with SEO.


You can’t start SEO without targeting your competitor market. You should analyze who your audience is and who and what. Signal is the keyword research and development SEO revolves around. The concept is called keywords. Keywords are small phrases which people search on search engines.

For example restaurant in Los Angeles or barber near me etc. This keyword should be related to your business.


What I mean is whenever you write a text on your website you should write it in such a way that it revolves around your centerpiece keywords. Another key point is the images or your site’s performance. Ford is continuous testing and measuring SEO revolves from time to time. Google optimizes its search ranking algorithm every few months or so. So you should always adapt to the changes and be ready for the upcoming changes by Google or other search engines.


Over the past few years social media has become an important factor platform for promoting business. The reason is because it’s so easy to connect to people. If you ask people they will suggest you to go for paid ads on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter etc but in reality, you can just follow these simple tips with promises to help you boost your visibility.

Whenever you upload your content on social media try to incorporate videos or original image contents rather than Google stock images. You can visit sites like Pixels to get more of an original image content make the content emotional and deeply connected. Have you ever noticed why team members pictures perform much better than other pictures?

It’s because it has some connections. With many teams, they don’t just promote about their business. They give something valuable and entertaining people come to social media not just to buy products or services, but simply they want to connect and find something entertaining.

Give something valuable and entertaining so that you don’t lose audience. Ask for feedback and reviews. This is one of the most key factors which everyone every business should do. This provides an improvement and opens a new door for engagement. In the future, join relevant groups and contribute.  For example, if you’re running a restaurant business you may want to join a local restaurant business on Facebook or Twitter and reply to comments.

This is another key factor which people don’t do. Usually replying to comments requires much more effort than likings or following. If you reply to comments, people will start coming back to you and this is a small secret to learn.

another key secret which speak many people miss next strategy which I’m going to show you is:


In this age of social media you would not even consider email as a tool to promote your business, right? Well, if you think so you’re wrong! According to the stats from disruptive advertising, email marketing has an average ROI of three thousand eight hundred percent!

Think about that. For every dollar of investment you earn thirty-eight dollars! A little more than 85% of adults send or read email. So how do you go about starting this?

First build up email lists gather email lists from your clients or customers. Either through your website or meeting. Use tools like MailChimp, GetResponse, or Aweber to maintain a healthy email list. From there you create campaigns and send out to subscribers provide some additional content for your customers in exchange for email for example.

Pop ups for signing up exclusive content. People don’t want to just give you emails. They usually expect something exclusive in return. provide them some additional exclusive content only through emails.

The next strategy which I’m going to show you is:

7 Free Online Marketing Tips For 2019
Starting a blog, like this one, works wonders for organic traffic!


B2B marketers that use blogs receive 67% more leads than those who don’t. By 2020, customers who manage 85% of their relationship without talking to humans. Marketers who prioritize blogging gain 13 percent more ROI than those who don’t. So, now you must be thinking “I’m not good at writing how will I go about creating a good blog“?

Well, don’t worry! Just follow these simple steps which I’m going to give you and I promise you you’ll be able to write a good and excellent blog!

Choose a blog topic which you’re passionate about

It doesn’t have to be related to your business. By doing this you’ll be able to write hundreds of blogs without even thinking about topics or what to write. By doing so, you gain traffic and personal connections with your audiences which in turn can help with your business by referring your business to your audiences in the future. When writing, use more of an active voice. This creates personal connections between you and your readers when people come to your site.

 Use good quality images

Use images from websites like Pexels or Unsplash with a premium theme from site like ThemeForest. If you have built your website using WordPress subdivide your blog post into subheadings and small paragraphs. This will not only increase readability of your articles but also leverage on-page SEO. This will help you increase your backlinks. Your website backlinks are one of the most important factors in SEO.

There are over 1.6 billion blocks on the internet so the quantity is not as relevant as quality. Now, when your site has valuable information like infographics and stats other websites are willing to source, your website will be able to gain backlinks. Try to incorporate personal experiences. YouTube videos which incorporate personal experiences are shown to have more views and engagement than those with none.

Again this is the same as social media marketing strategy you should always incorporate. Personal experiences and connections is the sixth strategy which I have for you:

Start a YouTube channel

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine as of 2017 YouTube gets about 36 million visitors per day and about 1.3 billion people are active on YouTube daily and this number is increasing rapidly. Without much being said, there are three types of content which people prefer on YouTube.

Educational // Entertainment // Personal Connection

There’s a video by GoPro which demonstrates firefighters. It broke into the house to save kids. This video got over millions of views and engagement simply because it demonstrates the life and personal connections.

People love going to YouTube to find solutions to their problems in an attractive and easy-to-understand way. So whenever you create videos make sure it provides people’s solutions to a problem.

7 Free Online Marketing Tips For 2019 _ Join an affiliate program
Aphid Inc has an incredible affiliate program with up to 50% commissions

Join an affiliate program

For those who don’t know what a affiliate marketing is, it is a type of marketing which involves a merchant paying a commission to other online entities which in this case, is you. In simple terms, you get paid every time a person you refer to click or purchase the merchants desired product or service. Aphid actually pays up to 50% commissions for product sales and membership sign ups.

First: Find an affiliate program! The biggest is Amazon. Once you sign up for the program you get an affiliate link. The link is unique and contains your affiliate ID and through this link you’ll be able to keep track of the clicks the payout and the money you make. Commission percentages usually starts from 30 to 75 percent. Variation in affiliate programs  depend on the program itself.

Websites like Clickbank offer you thousands and thousands of variations in price ranges and products. This is a whole different beast but it is an amazing way to make money, generate leads, and get tons of organic traffic.


This is some of the best free online marketing tips for 2019. Weather you are a small brand, an active YouTuber, if you want exposure then you must follow these steps. There are lots more tips and tricks where this came from.

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