For every real person on Instagram, there’s one million fake accounts ready to follow you at the right price. Get used to it. The numbers are only going up.

You wouldn’t believe how many FAKE profiles there are on Instagram! Sometimes the people behind the profiles are fake, and other times the profiles are Bot generated. Either way, we have to embrace this information in order to grow our profile organically. Sounds backwards but it will all make sense shortly.

It’s the concept of “It takes money to MAKE money. In this case, “fake it till you make it“.

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Every single day there are MILLIONS of auto-generated Instagram profiles for the strategic purpose of helping people appear popular online. That’s GREAT! Who doesn’t want to be popular! Why should this be important for you? Because it is a necessary step in rapidly expanding your online presence to attract real people interested in your brand or business!

If I have thousands of followers that aren’t engaging in my content, how does that help me? 

Good question! Here is a scenario: 

When you go in for an interview, how do you dress? Do you roll out of bed and walk out the door? Wear your smelly gym clothes? No! You put on your Sunday best, stand tall, and walk in with confidence! Same goes for a small brand or business. It’s in our nature to be attracted to successful people. 90% of attraction is based on how it appears. That’s why people are so quick to judge another person before getting to know them.

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There are thousands of websites out there that offer followers & subscribers! All of them vary in pricing and offer different packages. These are the same websites professional marketers use to help a brand grow online. If there wasn’t a need for them, they simply wouldn’t exist!

It just so happens that APHID Inc provides wholesale prices to our Insiders.

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Now, we are not saying that all followers are bought or should be. We are informing you on why it may be difficult to grow your Instagram profile.

With automated marketing tools like Tailwind and Combin, it’s easier than ever to start building a free bot army. Although, paid versions of any software are always better. Like a Chinese bootleg of a video game.

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