Examples of Poor Value:

Gaming: No surprise this tops the list, but you may not realise why. Gaming content needs to compete against oversaturation on multiple levels. First and foremost, you’re competing for my own gaming time. If I have an hour to dedicate to gaming, I could play a couple of games of Fortnite. So why should I watch you play Fortnite? I could get through a few missions in Assassin’s Creed. So why should I watch you play through it?

Even if I do have time to dedicate to watching gaming content on YT, why should I watch you? This is where the oversaturated market hits hard on new channels. You say that your channel is for news and reviews. I already watch ten other channels for news and reviews, and they’re likeable and reliable, so I always look forward to their releases. You say that you provide tips on gameplay? What if there already fifty other channels doing tutorials on the same game and have covered everything? I’ve already seen their content twice over.

Reaction videos. I could watch the video myself without the obnoxious commentary, unless it’s one of those boring no-reaction videos that is basically stealing content. I could do without that too.

Read-outs. Whether it’s a review, an article or those trending Reddit threads. I can read through things faster myself without having to sit through someone else sounding out words in a robotic voice.

Vanity videos (announcements, updates, etc): If I don’t care about you, I’m not going to spend ten minutes listening to your State of the Channel speech or moan about how you’re depressed about channel growth. And this isn’t just me. In general, these update videos pull in fewer views from a channel’s subscriber base than regular videos, unless it’s super big news.

Padding/waffling. This is especially true for unscripted videos, and a sore point for many new creators who are making tutorials. People want to find out information as soon as possible, and wading through 5-10 minutes of rambling, repetition and tangents is a waste of time. You can tell when a 20 minute video only has 5 minutes of content, and it’s embarrassing.

Outdated content. If it’s content or news that I’ve already seen, I’m not going to watch the same content from someone else unless I know there’s a unique take. Keep this in mind if you’ve vying for the latest trends and you can’t keep up.

Examples of Good Value:

Giving me something that I can’t already get. This is a fundamental part of why people watch YouTube videos.

Escapism. Take me out of my boring life and immerse me into something more interesting. This is part of the reason why mukbang is a thing: there’s a social fascination with watching someone else eat, especially for many people who can’t get that satisfaction in their own lives.

Education. Most educational topics bring value. I binge on history channels like no tomorrow, because I can a university semester’s worth of knowledge in an hour, delivered in a way that is entertaining and accessible. You really would have to pay for this, either in books, online courses or college education.

Tutorials / DIY. As above – this is stuff I’d have to learn and teach myself, or pay someone else to do it. This is where I take over my niche. Most people either can’t learn archery where they are, or they don’t want to spend money on lessons or buy equipment before they commit. Watching my content gives them what they might otherwise pay hundreds for.

Reviews. Essentially you’re helping people save money on bad purchases and invest in better ones. Totally worth the time, and more people should be spending time to research before buying.

Entertainment. This is pretty broad, but essentially the equivalent of binge-watching TV show clips. Basically, if I can get a satisfying laugh or feel-good after 10 or 20 minutes, and I’d recommend other people to watch it with me, that’s double or triple the value.

Shortcuts, productivity hacks, etc. Lots of “today I learned” moments here, and helping productivity through teaching tricks and tips, whether it’s tech or gaming, is a time-saver. Therefore, value.

Interactive content. This might be as simple as asking a question at the end of a video, and thus entice me to not only engage with you, but also come back to check responses from you and others.

Exclusive content. Literally something I can’t get. It might be a look at a new product, trying out a food I can’t buy locally, or seeing cool places as if I was there.

Genuinely being a person I’d want to hang out with. Ultimately, people stay for the person, not the content, and that is true for most fields. If I grow to you like you enough, I’d want to watch you, and that satisfies a social need that I might have unfulfilled.

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