Facebook is an amazing place to find subscribers. With so many pages to promote on, here is a list of our favorite groups to drop your links.

In reality, we should be spending at least three times the amount of time it took to create the episode, simply promoting it. Facebook is one of the most effective sources to to put your videos! It’s the third most visited website online so its essential to throw your content into oncoming traffic.

Promoting your creations without being too “spammy” is an art form in itself. Not only will you lose people’s attention, but you run the risk of your account being blocked for violating Facebook’s community guidelines. This has happened to us too many times. You spent hours, weeks, months on something the world deserves to see and you are blocked from sending messages, liking pages, sharing links, and dropping your links.

This is beyond frustrating! Its happens though. They do this to make sure the platform runs smoothly and doesn’t feel like one big advertisement. Sometimes you will stumble across a post that you can actually answer with a link to the answer to the question they are asking. Well, if you cant drop your link you just keep on scrolling. This could be a potential sale, a new subscriber, or a long term business partner. So approach your promotion with an understanding of this so you can keep a steady from of promotion.

With all that said, stay tuned for 2 AWESOME workarounds if Facebook has blocked you.

We have seen this far too often with new creators. We get it, you are excited! You want your content to go viral or just get a few views. Begging isn’t a good look.

Now that we have had the spammy talk, here is a list of our favorite Facebook Groups to find subscribers.

One of the BEST YouTube groups on Facebook with over 33,000 members!

Smaller group but lots of great support

If you own a YouTube channel and you want to grow, join this group! Get honest feedback, find new content from other creators, get more views and watch time. It’s a great start to hit those first 1,000 subscribers!

This channel is NOT SUB FOR SUB!

These guys are strict but is a great place to find views too

They will be the first to let you know. But they are an avid supporter of WLC (watch, like, comment). Although it’s a bit smaller with over 5,000 creators, it still a go to source to get some real views likes and comments.

Members · 247,992 | CLOSED group

This group is HUGE! So expect a lot of different languages

This is the largest group in our list! Ask to join, answer a couple questions, and it’s on like Donkey Kong! Here you will find EVERYONE promoting their latest videos. Use common courtesy and support them in the same way you hope they will support you.

Members · 48,706 – Closed group!

This is one of the larger Facebook groups.

You know the drill! Ask to join, answer some questions, drop your links and jump on the SUB FOR SUB train!

Sub For Sub trains are great to getting a quick 10 or 15 subs in a few min. Stay active and support your supporters.


Here are a couple simple tricks to try if you’re blocked.

Alright, as mentioned above you now have four of the most active groups on Facebook to drop your links and find subscribers. Possibly catch a few more views. I know you are excited but take a second and prepare yourself for the potential of getting blocked for spamming.

We have two options that work best for tricking Facebook into allowing you to drop our link. One is using a URL shortener to a google search. The other is using a custom URL to a list of additional URLs. Here we go!

BITLY is an incredibly common URL shortner. It cleans up long links to a very nice looking short link. The best part about Bitly is the ability to track the amount of clicks that specific link has received. This is great because you can edit the URL to appear more natural and use different versions of the same link on different platforms.

Do a Google search for your content or website. Be as narrow as possible. If you haven’t focused on SEO yet, now is always a good time to make sure your are being indexed and found online organically. The more narrow your search is to the specific content you are promoting the better. I’m going to demonstrate using APHID Inc. Online Google search.

Google search term “aphid inc’ returned this in the address bar:

https://www.google.com/search?source=hp&ei=BFvLXMiXN4jm-gSKjI6YDQ&q=aphid+inc&btnK=Google+Search&oq=aphid+inc&gs_l=psy-ab.3..0l2j0i22i30l2j38l2.731.2904..4830…0.0..0.130.844.9j1……0….1..gws-wiz…..0..0i131.zzxrZFq8ygg#btnK=Google%20Search <–pretty huh?

Head on over to Bitly and shorten the results in the address bar. Now that horrible link looks like this: http://bit.ly/AphidIncGoogleSearch

So much better! Now, Facebook isn’t going to ban a Google search result are they? Exactly! Simple, effective, but only works if you can narrow your search to the specific page you are promoting. Remember this though: Every additional step someone has to take to get to your content is another reason for them NOT to do it.

LinkTr.ee is free and easy to use. It changes the promotion game once you sign-up

Trick Number Two: Instead of posting a Google search result, lets get them a whole list of links they can choose from! We use LinkTree for that. LinkTr.ee is a free service that allows you to create numerous links that branch off of one link. Here is ours: https://linktr.ee/aphidinconline

This is by far our favorite. You may be advertising your latest video or product but now you have just shocked them with a list of additional links they can choose from. Completely customizable to meet your design needs. The free version is more than enough but the paid version is better for obvious reasons. More themes and templates, more links, upload images to place beside each link, animations in the links etc.

We originally used this for our Instagram but now we use it everywhere! We found that it is always better to over-deliver than to under-wow.

Final Thoughts

Finding subscribers on Facebook is the easy part. Once again, we want you to promote content as soon as possible. Some of the more dedicated content creators such as Tazz Reacts and Better Than Bad will spend between 2 and 12 hours just editing the footage AFTER recording the content. But, they are focusing on Quality VS Quantity so they take extra care before they release an episode.

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