Let’s get real for a second. Do you really want to be on Instagram all day every day? Liking and following, hoping someone will follow you back? Do you even have the time? If you answered yes then skip this section. If that sounds exhausting, keep reading.

There is a plethora of awesome software to help automate certain tasks for you. For instance, performing a Superlike is tedious work. Even though it’s a strategic technique that almost guarantees someone will follow you, it still gets annoying. Why not automate it?

Below are a couple of our favorite free apps we use online and offline to help build our followers. Take a look.

Finding the best tags for any post is our favorite feature. Guaranteed engagement on every image or video upload.

Tailwind is our absolute favorite app/website to create a posting schedule! One of the most important factors of attracting the right audience is using the appropriate tags in every single one of your posts. This app will examine your current tags and analyze them to find more appropriate #tags.

Most of the #tags that Tailwind finds are even more effective than using the obvious tag. The best tags are highlighted in a dark green. Click, add, save, post. As of today, they just released their newest feature that allows you to hide all your tags. So I stead of having an engaging image with a great story and having it humbled with 30 hashtags at the bottom, it will now place all of your tags in the first comment.

This dramatically cleans up the post and looks more professional.

Using Tailwind’s Tag Feature: #Youtube

Tailwind Results: #newyoutubers #subforsub #subscribetome #growyoutube

Instagram lets you use up to 30 tags. So pick the best ones, save it to your custom tags list, then add them to your next post. You can save as many tags lists as you like to make posting in different niches easier. 

NOTE: #tags are the backbone of Instagram. People follow these tags religiously. When someone follows a tag, every post that uses that specific tag ends up in their news feed. Along with the people they are following of course. This is especially important when using multiple tags.

Guess what happens if you use the combination #Entreprenuer #supportmybusiness #followforfollow

SCHEDULING: Successful Instagram profile should post between 3 to 5 times per day. Doing this manually is just taking time away from doing more important tasks like reaching out to other influencers on the platform.

TailWind makes it easy. Create an engaging post, add it to your upload schedule, and the app posts at the most appropriate time of the day. Simple as that!

The best way to use this is to create your posts for the day, week, or the entire month. All posts can be edited before they are uploaded, just in case you would like to add something new.

Their newest feature is genius and a huge time saver. Have you ever found an awesome post on instagram and granted, it’s a great image but its just cluttered with hashtags? Well, this “hide your tag” or “invisible tags” feature is what we have been waiting for.

One of the primary most tactics to apply on Instagram is to tell a story. People love to see the picture but what really keeps them on your page is the story that goes along with it. Since hashtags are what drives the platform, sometimes an amazing post can just get slammed with all those tags at the bottom.

A common trick to implement is to take copy of your tags and paste them as the first comment. This cleans up the post and just laves the it well rounded. That is time consuming. Especially if you are sticking to a posting schedule. So, Tailwind worked directly with the Instagram developers team and designed a feature that does that for you. Clean post, at the right time, with the best tags. What else can you really ask for? Check it out HERE.

SIDE NOTE: Our favorite app for creating amazing Instagram pictures is WordSwag.

Combin is easy to use and is great for targeting specific people and posts to engage with

Combin is another amazing application for Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu. It is designed to automate the mundane tasks of following, liking, and commenting on profiles in your respected niche. The free version is great, the paid version is better! 

Using this software is super simple. Searching for a specific tag will bring up a list of followers and posts that you can choose to follow or engage with. This is the Social Exchange Theory and basically boils down to “Like my stuff and I will like yours”.

NOTE: When you like someone’s post it sparks curiosity and encourages them to investigate who is lurking on their page. This is a good thing! If your profile is optimized and professional, they will feel more inclined to like a post of yours or follow you in exchange. 

The free version allows you to perform 150 actions per day. Finds only 50 posts or users to engage with per search. This is a great way to test the software and create some basic interaction. You can set it and leave it. It does all the work for you while you focus on more creative tasks.

We have used this software for quite some time and have realized that following and liking is really what it should be used for. If you want to comment on posts then you may be setting yourself up for failure.

Automating comments isn’t the best tactic unless you have a ton of different generic comments that don’t resemble each other. We say this because the software tend to find post from the same user in every search. So posting the same comment on multiple posts by the same user obviously comes of as spammy and can hurt your page. This goes for automating messages as well.


There is a ton of software out there that will basically do everything that you should be doing manually , but, who has time for all that? We sure don’t.

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