Aphid Inc - Throw yourself into traffic

Aphid Inc 3VolveWe approach every client with an understanding of WHO they are, not just what they are trying to accomplish.

Below is a questionnaire about yourself/business, long term goals, & some technical information we will use to construct a P.O.A. specifically designed for you.

Please be as honest as possible. Thank for choosing to 3Volve with us!

Depending on how well you understand the tech behind social media, we return results in different styles. So, please be honest.
Collect emails? Provide information? Sell product or service? Take appointments?
Who is your current audience & who are you trying to appeal to?
Who in your industry inspires you or pops up all the time?
These are the SINGLE words people will enter into a search engine. Separate with commas,
If you were to find yourself or business on Google, what sentence would you type in?
Anything else you would like to add