You may have heard of social exchange sites. Most people will stumble across them when searching for “more views”, “get followers”, or “buy subscribers”.

A social exchange site is a website that is specifically designed to increase your followers, likes, comments etc. on your prefered platform. The reason sites like these are still around is  because there are more fake views, fake profiles, and fake engagement on every social platform than there are real people. We go in depth on this harsh reality on our post “Buying Instagram Followers & Why It’s Important To Have Your Own Army”

How do they do this? These sites are ingeniously developed and allow you to exchange a like for a like, share for a share, view for view etc. on any profile you intend to boost. If there is a button for it, it’s been automated. Given that the 21st century is driven by speed and visibility online, these websites simply give you the advantage of growing a page in exchange for helping someone else do the same. We honestly believe that true success stems from helping others succeed.

Some people have a real issue with this concept. Including the social platforms themselves. In reality, who are they to tell someone how to get a view, find a new follower, or support other people’s content? The only time it should be an issue is when it violates a community guideline or has malicious intent. Other than that, it’s just a moral issue.

Art make up.Woman portrait with creative body-art.
There is no such thing as original art. All art is a derivative of other artists.

The purists such as ourselves wish it was as easy as making something awesome and the whole world comes flocking. That’s just not how it works. We can spend weeks, months, years creating something from scratch and it may never be seen! We can promote to thousands of sites and people don’t care. Or maybe there’s someone out there with more money that can afford to pay for promotion. Where does that leave the rest of us that can’t afford thousands in marketing and advertising? With that said, there are specific algorithms in place that favor creators that have money or have already stumbled upon sites like these! The higher your numbers, the more important you become to the platform. Remember, YOU are the product.

You might not like this principal, but it’s true. Now, although these site are completely free, they do have a paid service for getting numbers faster!

Social exchange sites are designed around a point system. Every time you like a YouTube video or retweet content, you receive points. These points can be spent in any way you like on their site. Each site has different payouts for different actions. This is where strategy comes into play but we will talk about that in another post. For now, the more points you have, the faster you can grow a profile. Impatience is on the rise so they take disposable income into account when designing their point system. You can exchange actions for coin or you can buy points and spend accordingly. Obviously the more money you spend on points the larger the discount. Although this is not necessary, it’s great if you want to get some numbers rolling in fast.

This would be a good time to mention that we were seriously shocked when we signed up with a free account on a brand new website only to find that PewDiePie was the person we were exchanging views with. Come on! One of the biggest YouTube stars in the world is using an exchange site? Well, game on then.

We would also like to note that there is no proof that he added himself to that site, but it does prove that views are being purchased either in social exchange or in actual cash. Any promotion is better than no promotion.

“The price of anything is only worth the amount of life you are willing to trade for it”

“The Social exchange theory is a sociological and psychological theory that studies the social behavior in the interaction of two parties that implement a cost-benefit analysis to determine risks and benefits”. –Wikipedia

Let’s take YouTube for example. In order to monetize on YouTube you have to meet specific requirement. Those are 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers. With the technical requirements aside you still need to go through an approval process and have content that advertisers are willing to place ads on. In our topic “How Long Should Your YouTube Videos Be” we talk about the amount of videos, their length, and how important watch time is. Referring to that article, just because you have 100,000 views doesn’t mean you are anywhere near the requirements. Watch time is the most important aspect. 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing.

Each social exchange site approaches this a bit differently with the primary goal of providing more views and watch time. This might be a good time to mention that there are bots/software out there designed to provide these same numbers but ultimately provide poor view quality. Click for an understanding of [popup_anything id=”2865″].

This brings up the concept of buying views/followers/likes/comments and everything in between. A simple Google search will provide you with the most prominent sites to buy engagement. In that list you will see social exchange sites as technically you can purchase from them. This is how these websites stay in business and continue to provide the services.

You may be thinking “why do these sites exist and why do people buy engagement”? The answer is simple; It’s easier to spend your lunch money on fake engagement than spending your lunch time creating something worth engaging with. People are impatient. In reality, it’s how credit card companies work. They bank on the fact that you will probably fall behind on your payments so they can tack on a late fee or increase your APR. The human attention span is between 6 to 10 seconds and this is exactly how Vine/TikTok/Musically became so popular so fast. They knew this. So if spending your disposable income on a few likes and views are going to satisfy your impatience and genuine need to feel popular, there is an option for that.

Happy friends taking selfie at music concert
Being popular and feeling popular are very different. In the end, who doesn’t want to feel accepted?


This sounds backwards. Then again, so does reverse psychology. We have to keep in mind that most people have no idea that a majority of interaction isn’t organically created. So they struggle daily, get frustrated and stress about reaching numbers that were generated with robots and view armys.

What we find on search engines is only 1% of the internet. 20% of that traffic is generated by “non-human-entities”. This means that most social engagement is artificial in one way or another. We mention this only to spark the conversation of the Science Behind Manipulating Human Behavior. Sales and marketing teams specialize in manipulating numbers, designs, & phrases in order to get us to purchase. Ever wonder why testimonials work so well? Think about it, we don’t even know those people but we trust their word on something we don’t know much about?

With all that said, its true, generating fake interaction breeds real engagement. If it appears that 5,000 people have already engaged with your content, this drops the BS guard and intrigues people to engage. Twitter uses the “Jimmy Jam and Becky Bolton just followed Mark Wahlberg” notification to play into the feeling of being left out. Or as us millennials say “FOMO”.

Since the market is flooded with fake profiles and engagement, how can social exchange sites be used for long term success?  

Keep in mind that social pages aren’t automatically provided at time of conception. We choose to interact with these platforms. Each person that uses a social media page is connected to millions of profiles in their extended network. Every time they like, share, comment on content it generally becomes public. The more interaction you have on your own pages, the more potential you have of your content getting viewed. EX: Jimmy Jam shared my tweet to gain points he can spend on growing his YouTube channel, but it just so happens that Mark Wahlberg is following Jimmy Jam. See where this is going?

Winning and success. Victorious female person on mountain top.
Success is a relative term. The feeling of success varies from person to person. We feel that real success if found in helping others succeed.


Weather you are trying to monetize a YouTube channel to create residual income, or you simply need to increase your followers and view count to appear more inviting and professional, social exchange sites help you achieve both. Each one of these platforms is well aware of these sites and have algorithms to detect artificial views and bot generated interaction. This is why APHID only promotes the highest quality websites and is affiliated with the best of the best.

As mentioned above, we are purists and believe that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to have their content presented in a public setting. Since the internet is not an art show and there is no curator, you have to focus on understanding the algorithms when promoting your work. Once again, these algorithms are in place to supplement the man power it would take to examine everything that’s uploaded. So, using sites like these is necessary if you want to combat the artificial inflation that your peers and major brands are using to generate real numbers and profits.

Even with all the automated software, exchange sites, and shortcuts, it’s still time consuming. Spending hours liking other profiles & viewing YouTube videos while racking up points to spend is exhausting. This is exactly why we give our own bots/software/techniques to our Insiders that do the work while you reap the benefits.











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