If you run a business, or want to maximize your energy, THIS IS FOR YOU!


Watch the video on how to grow your business

How to go from $100k /year to $100k /month to $100k /day by doing 10x less work, delivering clients 10x better
results, and having 10x more fun.

1. Focus

APhid Focus

  • Problem: You’re spread thin trying to do everything
  • Solution: You need to focus on the few things that matter
  • Theory: Define goal, find causality, focus on value, cut waste
  • Practice: 100 units of time (track, bucket, asymmetry, optimize)
  • Story: I tried doing it all and failed, became a “no man” and won


2. Throughput

  • Problem: Your business can’t scale due to a bottleneck
  • Solution: You need to fix the bottleneck and increase throughput
  • Theory: Map end-to-end flow, find bottleneck, investigate, fix, flow
  • Practice: Mapping value flow (map, measure, local, global, find, fix)
  • Story: I used to do seasonal marketing, now I’m 100% evergreen


3. Systems

  • Problem: Your biz is unpredictable with feast or famine income
  • Solution: You need to systemize core functions, gain predictability
  • Theory: Map core systems: input, process, output, env, feedback
  • Practice: Hacking systems (c-acquisition, c-conversion, v-delivery)
  • Story: I went from $100k /year with DFY to $100k /day with course


4. Economics

  • Problem: You can’t understand, control or scale your business
  • Solution: You need control of your system, Eg. do this get that
  • Theory: System ables (scalable, repeatable, reliable, sustainable)
  • Practice: System control (metrics, controls, cash reserves)
  • Story: I went from anxiety to airplane mode & thinking long-term