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Designing An Instantly Recognizable Brand That Reflects Your Message

A brand isn’t just the name, it’s a reflection of who you are as a person and where you stand as a company. It’s an indication of your company’s dreams and the message you want to share with the world. Having an amazing color scheme is a very small element that holds no weight comparison to the story behind your brand. Start developing your story and design a company image so defined, everyone thinks of your brand first when making decisions.

  •  Logo Development & Brand Design
  •  Color Schemes & Design Layout
  •  Developing The Story Behind The Brand
  •  Creating Irresistible Mission Statement
  •  Brand Slogan & Underlying Message
  •  Designing Logos For Different Occasions
  •  Presenting Your Brand Without Spamming
  •  Utilizing Different Platforms To Spread Your Message Easier
  •  Logo Hacking, Email Branding, and Professional Design
  •  Learn How To Brand Yourself Without Branding
  •  Launching An Online Store With Your Brand Message


1. Video ­ Introduction Branding Yourself And Importance
2. Brainstorming Session With A Professional Designer
3. Access To Logo Examples And Downloads For Customization
4. Logo Resources+ Link List
5. Brand Story Worksheet+ Instructions
6. Color Palette + Examples For Ideas + Link List
7. Slogan Examples + Link List For Ideas
8. Hook + Story Worksheet + PDF
9. 2 Professional Logos + Slogans
10. Online Store Checklist + Links List + Instructions For More Stores
11. Conclusion Video + Optimal Branding On Platforms
12. Highlight PDF + Cheat Sheet For Easy Application
13. Audio ­ Video – Transcriptions + Downloads
14. 2 hours Of One-On-One Sessions With Aphid ID Team


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