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Designing Million Dollar Funnels From Scratch

Designing a funnel doesn’t have to be hard. Honestly, most of them are already made for you. Thank goodness! That’s the best part about technology these days. That does not guarantee a single dollar will be made. Design a bulletproof funnel with all the bells and whistles from scratch. (I’ll even show you how to sell your new funnel skills as a new product) Shhhhhh…

  •  Funnel Fundamentals
  •  Funnel Hacking A Million Dollar Funnel
  •  The 3 BEST Funnels To Use For Any Product
  •  Designing Landing Pages/OptIn’s With Different Email Services
  •  Designing Upsells & Linking With Cart
  •  Funnel Email Follow-Ups With Targeted Email Campaigns
  •  Using Graphic Design To Lead Them To Buy NOW
  •  Using Elements/Popovers To Drive Your Sales
  •  Using Using Numbers To Create Scarcity With Epic Titles
  •  Creating Pixels/Google Analytics/Google Tag Manager For Landing Pages
  •  Embedding Pixels/Google Analytics On Important Pages
  •  Embedding Facebook Elements To Assure Your Account Stays Open


1. Video ­ Introduction To Funnels & Possibilities
2. Funnel Checklist + Resource Link List
3. Funnel Fundamentals PowerPoint + Slides
4. Image Resources+ Link List
5. Linking Previous Modules To Your Funnel
6. DFY Funnel Link List + Professional Funnel Designer Rolodex
7. Email Optin + Campaign Link List + Instructions + PowerPoint
8. Troubleshooting Checklist After Funnel Integration
9. Additional Resources Link List + Hacks
10. Conclusion Video + Linking It All Together And Testing
11. Highlight PDF + Cheat Sheet For Easy Application
12. 2 hours Of One-On-One Sessions With Aphid ID Team
13. Audio ­ Video – Transcriptions + Downloads


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