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Creating Irresistible Offers Proven To Instantly Drive Sales

What is a good offer? Is it the price? The value? The copywrite? Creating an offer that becomes a “no brainer” is 10x easier than putting this module together. Learn the proven techniques that professionals use that makes the deal so sweet, your dream client has to schedule a dental appointment after purchasing.

  •  How To Solve A Problem By Adding More Value
  •  Creating Your Rolodex Of People That Add Value
  •  Finding Who Can Do It Instead Of Doing It Yourself
  •  How To Solve Problems Your Product Creates
  •  Determining The Business Cost Of Adding Value
  •  Perceived Value And Ho To Use It To Drive Sale
  •  Free & Paid Options That Add More Value
  •  Turning Your Solutions Into Another Product/Upsell
  •  Using PLR Products To Increase Value
  •  Adding Value Worksheets
  •  Mind Hacks To Practice When Watching Commercials
  •  Understanding Why People Buy Anything & How To Persuade
  •  Determining What Categories Your Product Falls Under


  1. Video ­ Intro To Creating Irresistible Offers
  2. Dissecting Your Product Worksheet + PowerPoint + Slides
  3. Problems That Your Product Creates + Solving Them Worksheet
  4. Adding Value Resource List + PLR Links + Hacks
  5. Adding Value To Your Offer PowerPoint + Slides
  6. DFY Copy & Paste Offer Examples + Link List
  7. Link List + PDF + Resources To Sweeten Offer With Value
  8. Conclusion Video + Making It All Work With Previous Modules
  9. Highlight PDF + Cheat Sheet For Easy Application
  10. 2 hours Of One-On-One Sessions With Aphid ID Team
  11. Audio ­ Video – Transcriptions + Downloads


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