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Writing Mind Blowing Facebook Ads – Bulletproof Profile & Preparation

Every single module up until now has been preparing you for THIS moment. At this point, you cannot fail. You are a force to be reckoned with. A proven guru in your skills and an official authority in the advertising game. This is your moment of truth. Are you ready to take your finances to the next level? You better be! We are about to press the big red button for LAUNCH!

  •  Using Your Story To Find The Perfect Hook
  •  Using Client Avatar Details For Copywriting Ideas
  •  Locating The Perfect Images To Amplify Your Ad CTR
  •  Design Tricks To Guide Your Audience To CTA
  •  Using Your Story To Record A Captivating Video Ad
  •  Using Story To Amplify Ad Value In Post
  •  Preparing Your Personal & Business Profile For Optimum Results
  •  Facebook Business Setup
  •  Facebook Ad Manager Setup
  •  Creating Your First Ad Campaign/Adset
  •  Using Facebook Audience Insights To Precision Target Your Audience
  •  Qwaya Setup / Perfect Audience
  •  Facebook Pixel Configuration & Test Firing
  •  Pressing The BIG RED BUTTON & Launching The Perfect Ad
  •  Analyzing Campaign Results & CTRs For Cost Effectiveness
  •  Dissecting Effective Ads & Disabling Ineffective Ads
  •  Using Analytical Data To Skyrocket Future Campaigns


1. Video ­ Introduction To Paid Traffic & Facebook Ads
2. Facebook Ads Checklist + Additional Resources Link List
3. Membership Details + Link List
4. Example Effective Design PowerPoint + PDF For Design Ideas
5. Video Creation Resources Link List + Checklist
6. Editing Effective Video Ads Checklist + Cheat Sheet
7. Business Page Setup Video + Slides + Checklist
8. Facebook Insights Checklist + Instructions
9. Quaya Instructions + Checklist For Releasing 20 Ads At Once
10. Facebook Pixel Video + Checklist + Instructions + Troubleshooting
11. Campaign Results Checklist + Troubleshooting
12. Highlight PDF + Cheat Sheet + Instructions
13. 2 hours Of One-On-One Sessions With Aphid ID Team
14. Audio ­ Video – Transcriptions + Downloads


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