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Product Description

Following the Mantis Masterclass step-by-step and pairing your determination for success with a team that’s already proven this system to be 100% flawless, you’ll be happier than you’ve ever been, feel more successful every day, and be more financially secure than you can possibly imagine. The only thing in your way, is you.

This is the most thorough and technically sound course on the market. You simply will not find a course that covers more important details in any similar course. Trust, we took them, we learned from them, we did what they told us to do. “Do what the elites are doing, and find a way to do it even better”. So we did.

Simply put, people will respect you, search for you, listen to you, ask for your attention, beg to work with you, plead for a moment of your time, and you will be able to charge them enormous amounts because they want what you have; a life worth living. #ThisIsMantis

The Mantis Masterclass eliminates that wasted time and guides you step by step with proven techniques that we use to make 6 figure incomes.

1. 10 – Module Mantis Masterclass Includes:

  • 3 Months or 24 Sessions Of Personal Video and Audio Coaching
  • Lifetime Access To The Updated Mantis Masterclass Material
  • Unlimited Downloads Of All DFY (done for you) Material And Class Updates
  • 12 Months of Priority Scheduling / Q&A with Aphid ID “A Team”
  • Lifetime Access to Aphid ID Members Section Packed With Insider Tools
  • DFYB Video Designed For Your Brain
  • Lifetime access to Mantis Mindset private group for continued practices
  • Featured On Visceral ­ How To Inspire People & Influence Success
  • 60+Entrepreneurs Actively Looking For Leads To Support You
  • 12 Months “Fly On The Wall” Material ­ All Millionaire Mastermind Notes

2. Personal Visceral Strategy Session

Within 30 days of joining The Mantis Masterclass you will have a call to map out your
game plan and Mind-Map your personal & business goals with our Quantum Strategist.

1. 12 Months Of Millionaire Mastermind Sessions
You will be able to participate in 3 Millionaire Mastermind meetings during the calendar
year. Members are expected to attend at least 2 of the 3 meetings.

1. Private Consultation
You can schedule a maximum of two 1 hour sessions per week on your priority
calendar to cover topics of your choosing.

Access to private phone number for emergencies (product or personal).


Developing An Unstoppable Personal & Business Mindset

This is THE most important module in this course. Not only is it going to give you a crystal clear understanding of who you are and what has been stopping you from being successful, it will help you develop the mindset that guarantees you complete the course and take your life to the next level.

  •  Understanding Your Own Mindset & Bottlenecks
  • Self Affirmations & Daily Routine
  • Self Audit – Eliminating Waste, Tripling Down On What is Working
  • Developing An Unstoppable Mindset For Success
  • Shifting Perspectives To Complete Tasks
  • Setting Long Term Goals & Sticking To Them
  • Structuring Your Life Around Your Goals
  • Designing Your New Identity & Solving Your Identity Crisis
  • Using Your New Identity To Drive Focus & Motivation
  • Advanced Patience Practices To Maintain Focus
  • Practicing Self Discipline Techniques & Worksheets
  • Changing Health Habits To Feed The Brain & Fuel Drive


  1. One-On-One Mindset Intro Video
  2. The Power Of Mantis Video
  3. Mantis Mindset Full PowerPoint & Video – Deep Thought Practice
  4. Mantis Mindset Explainer Audio
  5. Mantis Highlight Reel PDF
  6. Designing Your New Identity Worksheet
  7. Designing Your Perfect Day & Dream Life Worksheet
  8. The Visceral Human PDF
  9. DFY Mindset Practices
  10. 4 Additional Mindset PDF Practices
  11. 10 Self Discipline PDFs
  12. Access To Private “Mantis Mindset” Facebook Group
  13. Conclusion Video ­ Belief Systems & Self-Empowerment
  14. 2 Hours+ Of One-On-One Time With Kohdi Rayne
  15. Audio ­ Video – Transcriptions + Downloads


Designing Your Dream Client & Perfect Product

How well do you know your target audience? Do you know what keeps them awake at night? What they secretly want in life? Knowing this information is going to help you define EXACTLY who will buy your product/service. This module will expertly define your dream customers guarantees to buy.

  •  Design Your Client Avatar With Absolute Precision
  •  Defining What Keeps Your Client Awake At Night
  •  Client Hopes/Dreams/Aspirations & Relating To Them
  •  What Your Client Really Wants & Drip Feeding Desire
  •  Using Worksheets To Define Your Dream Clients/Customers
  •  Product Development Fundamentals & Essentials
  •  Understanding How Your Product Relates To Your Dream Client
  •  Market Diagnosis Questions & Targeting Perfect Audience
  •  Using Avatar Pain Points To Sweeten Offer
  •  Understanding Health – Wealth – & Relationships


  1. Dream Clients Video Introduction
  2. Locating Dream Clients PowerPoint
  3. Dream Client Avatar Worksheets
  4. Market Diagnosis PDF
  5. Health ­ Wealth ­ Relationships Worksheet
  6. Custom Google Search Tool PDF + Instructions
  7. Additional Resources Cheat Sheet
  8. DFY Results & Customization For Future Projects
  9. 2 Hours Of One-On-One Sessions With Aphid ID Team
  10. Conclusion Video ­ Linking It All Together
  11. Audio ­ Video – Transcriptions + Downloads


Secrets To Adding Value To Your Product

NEVER lower price. ALWAYS add more value! Knowing the difference and using it to amplify the value in your product is literally the difference between selling your $4.99 product for $499. This could be the module that literally gives you the power to sell your product for 10x what your competition is.

  •  Understanding Price Vs Offer
  •  Determining Price Vs Value
  •  Make Them Forget About Price & Focus On The Perceived Value
  •  Adding More Value To Your Product Without Lowing Price
  •  What Constitutes Actual Value & How To Use It Strategically
  •  Different Types Of Value & Where To Find Them
  •  How To Amplify Value With Story
  •  Different Elements To Sweeten Your Offer
  •  Using The Client’s Imagination To Sell Product/Service To Themselves
  •  Using Magnetic Words To Drive The Sale To Close


  1. Video – The Difference Of Price Vs Value
  2. Price Vs Value vs Offer PowerPoint
  3. Increasing Value PowerPoint + Slides
  4. Perceived Value PowerPoint + Slides
  5. PLR Product Worksheets
  6. Adding Value Resources PDF + Links
  7. Link List And DYF Rolodex Of People That Add Value
  8. Highlight PDF + Cheat Sheet For Easy Application
  9. 2 hours Of One-On-One Sessions With Aphid ID Team
  10. Conclusion Video + Wrapping Things Up
  11. Audio ­ Video – Transcriptions + Downloads


Secrets to Dissecting Your Competition For Profit

Ever wonder why you continue to see the same ads from the same pages? That’s because they have ads that work. Knowing why they work will make you incredible amount of profit as this is a powerful step in designing one that works for you. Knowledge is power, and this module has it all!

  •  Locating The Best Ads That Already Work
  •  Determining A Good Vs Bad Ad & Understanding Why
  •  Rewriting Existing Offers To Be Even Better
  •  Advanced Offer Dissection & Adding Superhuman Like Copy
  •  Finding Hidden Messages In Offers & Using Them In Your Copy
  •  Locating What They Are Really Trying To Sell And How They Do It
  •  How To Instantly Captivate With A Short Hook/Title
  •  Selecting What Emotion Words To Use & Why
  •  Understanding A Perfect Story & Writing One
  •  Identifying Who Are They Really Speaking To
  •  Effective Calls To Action & Persuading Them To Click
  •  Using Emotion To Drive Sale With Story


  1. Video – Intro To Dissecting Your Competition + Importance
  2. Ad Hacking ­ Health, Wealth, Relationships, Worksheet
  3. Locating Ads To Hack Worksheet + PowerPoint
  4. Dissecting Ads Checklist + Worksheet
  5. Creating Spam Email Addresses + Subscribing To Your Competition
  6. DFY Results & Customization Via On-On-One
  7. Highlight PDF + Cheat Sheet For Easy Application
  8. Conclusion Video + Importance Of Knowing Your Competition
  9. 2 hours Of One-On-One Sessions With Aphid ID Team
  10. Audio ­ Video – Transcriptions + Downloads


Creating Irresistible Offers Proven To Instantly Drive Sales

What is a good offer? Is it the price? The value? The copywrite? Creating an offer that becomes a “no brainer” is 10x easier than putting this module together. Learn the proven techniques that professionals use that makes the deal so sweet, your dream client has to schedule a dental appointment after purchasing.

  •  How To Solve A Problem By Adding More Value
  •  Creating Your Rolodex Of People That Add Value
  •  Finding Who Can Do It Instead Of Doing It Yourself
  •  How To Solve Problems Your Product Creates
  •  Determining The Business Cost Of Adding Value
  •  Perceived Value And Ho To Use It To Drive Sale
  •  Free & Paid Options That Add More Value
  •  Turning Your Solutions Into Another Product/Upsell
  •  Using PLR Products To Increase Value
  •  Adding Value Worksheets
  •  Mind Hacks To Practice When Watching Commercials
  •  Understanding Why People Buy Anything & How To Persuade
  •  Determining What Categories Your Product Falls Under


  1. Video ­ Intro To Creating Irresistible Offers
  2. Dissecting Your Product Worksheet + PowerPoint + Slides
  3. Problems That Your Product Creates + Solving Them Worksheet
  4. Adding Value Resource List + PLR Links + Hacks
  5. Adding Value To Your Offer PowerPoint + Slides
  6. DFY Copy & Paste Offer Examples + Link List
  7. Link List + PDF + Resources To Sweeten Offer With Value
  8. Conclusion Video + Making It All Work With Previous Modules
  9. Highlight PDF + Cheat Sheet For Easy Application
  10. 2 hours Of One-On-One Sessions With Aphid ID Team
  11. Audio ­ Video – Transcriptions + Downloads


Captivate Your Readers To Hand You Their Wallets

Story AMPLIFIES value. Period! The story associated with your product is going to touch our dream clients hearts, their pain point, and most importantly, their imagination. Writing a story isn’t that hard, but writing the perfect story will change your future in ways you can’t possibly fathom.

  •  Copywriting Fundamentals
  •  Writing The Perfect Hook
  •  Writing The Perfect Story
  •  Writing The Perfect Offer
  •  Why Story Is The Most important Part Of Your Ad
  •  Writing A Story Using The Hero’s 2 Journeys Script
  •  Writing 8 Stories At Once With A Spreadsheet
  •  Epiphany Script Worksheet


  1. Video ­ Copywriting Like A Professional + Importance
  2. Hook + Story + Offer PowerPoint
  3. Example List Of Perfect Hooks + Link List To Resources
  4. The Hero’s Two Journeys Worksheet
  5. The Epiphany Bridge Script Worksheet
  6. Access To “Visceral ­ How To Inspire People & Influence Success”
  7. Offer Sequencing Worksheet + Instructions
  8. DFY Copy & Paste Examples + Link List
  9. Link List + PDF + Resources To Sweeten Offer With Value
  10. Conclusion Video + Using Copy To Use Imagination & Forget About Price
  11. Highlight PDF + Cheat Sheet For Easy Application
  12. 2 hours Of One-On-One Sessions With Aphid ID Team
  13. Audio ­ Video – Transcriptions + Downloads


Designing Million Dollar Funnels From Scratch

Designing a funnel doesn’t have to be hard. Honestly, most of them are already made for you. Thank goodness! That’s the best part about technology these days. That does not guarantee a single dollar will be made. Design a bulletproof funnel with all the bells and whistles from scratch. (I’ll even show you how to sell your new funnel skills as a new product) Shhhhhh…

  •  Funnel Fundamentals
  •  Funnel Hacking A Million Dollar Funnel
  •  The 3 BEST Funnels To Use For Any Product
  •  Designing Landing Pages/OptIn’s With Different Email Services
  •  Designing Upsells & Linking With Cart
  •  Funnel Email Follow-Ups With Targeted Email Campaigns
  •  Using Graphic Design To Lead Them To Buy NOW
  •  Using Elements/Popovers To Drive Your Sales
  •  Using Using Numbers To Create Scarcity With Epic Titles
  •  Creating Pixels/Google Analytics/Google Tag Manager For Landing Pages
  •  Embedding Pixels/Google Analytics On Important Pages
  •  Embedding Facebook Elements To Assure Your Account Stays Open


1. Video ­ Introduction To Funnels & Possibilities
2. Funnel Checklist + Resource Link List
3. Funnel Fundamentals PowerPoint + Slides
4. Image Resources+ Link List
5. Linking Previous Modules To Your Funnel
6. DFY Funnel Link List + Professional Funnel Designer Rolodex
7. Email Optin + Campaign Link List + Instructions + PowerPoint
8. Troubleshooting Checklist After Funnel Integration
9. Additional Resources Link List + Hacks
10. Conclusion Video + Linking It All Together And Testing
11. Highlight PDF + Cheat Sheet For Easy Application
12. 2 hours Of One-On-One Sessions With Aphid ID Team
13. Audio ­ Video – Transcriptions + Downloads


A brand isn’t just the name, it’s a reflection of who you are as a person and where you stand as a company. It’s an indication of your company’s dreams and the message you want to share with the world. Having an amazing color scheme is a very small element that holds no weight comparison to the story behind your brand. Start developing your story and design a company image so defined, everyone thinks of your brand first when making decisions.

  • Logo Development & Brand Design
  • Color Schemes & Design Layout
  • Developing The Story Behind The Brand
  • Creating Irresistible Mission Statement
  • Brand Slogan & Underlying Message
  • Designing Logos For Different Occasions
  • Presenting Your Brand Without Spamming
  • Utilizing Different Platforms To Spread Your Message Easier
  • Logo Hacking, Email Branding, and Professional Design
  • Learn How To Brand Yourself Without Branding
  • Launching An Online Store With Your Brand Message


1. Video ­ Introduction Branding Yourself And Importance
2. Brainstorming Session With A Professional Designer
3. Access To Logo Examples And Downloads For Customization
4. Logo Resources+ Link List
5. Brand Story Worksheet + Instructions
6. Color Palette + Examples For Ideas + Link List
7. Slogan Examples + Link List For Ideas
8. Hook + Story Worksheet + PDF
9. 2 Professional Logos + Slogans
10. Online Store Checklist + Links List + Instructions For More Stores
11. Conclusion Video + Optimal Branding On Platforms
12. Highlight PDF + Cheat Sheet For Easy Application
13. Audio ­ Video – Transcriptions + Downloads
14. 2 hours Of One-On-One Sessions With Aphid ID Team


6 Types Of Traffic – Advanced Traffic Secrets & Pro Tips

What’s the point of a website or funnel without traffic? More importantly, what’s the point of traffic without the ability to convert that traffic into paying customers? Master the 6 traffic sources easily to get immediate ROI. Free copy of the 3Volve Algorithm just to get you started!

  •  Free – Using Social Media As A Powerful SEO & Traffic Source
  •  Paid – Advertising On Facebook/Google/YouTube/Instagram/Other
  •  Organic – Using The 3Volve Algorithm For Maximum Organic Traffic
  •  Referral – Asking Your Network For Referrals & How Often
  •  Email – Extracting Email Addresses / Using An Email Campaign To Reach Prospects
  •  Affiliate – Building A Team For Extended Network Opportunities
  •  Understanding The 3Volve Algorithm & Using It To Borrow Traffic


1. Video ­ Introduction To 6 Types Of Traffic + 3Volve
2. Optimizing Your Social Profiles Checklist
3. Copy Of 3Volve Algorithm 2.0 + Instructions + Link List
4. Referral Program Templates + Resources
5. Copy & Paste Email Campaign Tested For Higher Open Rates
6. Affiliate Marketing Plugins & Integration Checklist+ Instructions
7. Conclusion Video + Introduction To Facebook Ads
8. Highlight PDF + Cheat Sheet For Easy Application
9. 2 hours Of One-On-One Sessions With Aphid ID Team
10. Audio ­ Video – Transcriptions + Downloads


Writing Mind Blowing Facebook Ads – Bulletproof Profile & Preparation

Every single module up until now has been preparing you for THIS moment. At this point, you cannot fail. You are a force to be reckoned with. A proven guru in your skills and an official authority in the advertising game. This is your moment of truth. Are you ready to take your finances to the next level? You better be! We are about to press the big red button for LAUNCH!

  •  Using Your Story To Find The Perfect Hook
  •  Using Client Avatar Details For Copywriting Ideas
  •  Locating The Perfect Images To Amplify Your Ad CTR
  •  Design Tricks To Guide Your Audience To CTA
  •  Using Your Story To Record A Captivating Video Ad
  •  Using Story To Amplify Ad Value In Post
  •  Preparing Your Personal & Business Profile For Optimum Results
  •  Facebook Business Setup
  •  Facebook Ad Manager Setup
  •  Creating Your First Ad Campaign/Adset
  •  Using Facebook Audience Insights To Precision Target Your Audience
  •  Qwaya Setup / Perfect Audience
  •  Facebook Pixel Configuration & Test Firing
  •  Pressing The BIG RED BUTTON & Launching The Perfect Ad
  •  Analyzing Campaign Results & CTRs For Cost Effectiveness
  •  Dissecting Effective Ads & Disabling Ineffective Ads
  •  Using Analytical Data To Skyrocket Future Campaigns


1. Video ­ Introduction To Paid Traffic & Facebook Ads
2. Facebook Ads Checklist + Additional Resources Link List
3. Membership Details + Link List
4. Example Effective Design PowerPoint + PDF For Design Ideas
5. Video Creation Resources Link List + Checklist
6. Editing Effective Video Ads Checklist + Cheat Sheet
7. Business Page Setup Video + Slides + Checklist
8. Facebook Insights Checklist + Instructions
9. Quaya Instructions + Checklist For Releasing 20 Ads At Once
10. Facebook Pixel Video + Checklist + Instructions + Troubleshooting
11. Campaign Results Checklist + Troubleshooting
12. Highlight PDF + Cheat Sheet + Instructions
13. 2 hours Of One-On-One Sessions With Aphid ID Team
14. Audio ­ Video – Transcriptions + Downloads


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