PROMOTE! PROMOTE! PROMOTE! You should be promoting at least three times the amount of time it took to create your content.

This might seem like a lot of time, and it is. It should be. When we hear about new movies or music, we generally don’t just stumble across the preview randomly. It’s usually shared across social media, found in an advertisement, and heard through the grapevine. The point is, whomever created the content is spending excessive energy making sure the content is out in public view.

There are a billion places online to promote content. Some are free, some are paid. But there are a few things to keep in mind when promoting anything you have created.

Helping hands or begging for help

“LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME”! That’s the last approach to promoting your content. Pushing your work should be approached with the same respect it was created with. It takes time. Just like building trust with someone. The science behind writing effective emails also applies to posting your latest video/song/link etc.
There are very basic principles to follow when advertising your content. Each platform has it’s different approaches but this works for YouTube videos.
For starters, you can submit your link to EntireWeb. This is one of the best resources to submit your content for free to be indexed by search engines. If you cant be found organically, you are going to have a much harder time getting seen.
DO’s & DONT’s
  • Don’t just post your link (unless asked to do so). Give a brief introduction to the video. What to expect, what it’s about, whos in it, why you made it, or even a bit about yourself.
  • People respect people being honest and it gives the viewer a decision to make. “Is this something I am interested in”.
NOTE: If you use the appropriate techniques above, the video should technically speak for itself and won’t need an introduction. Although that may not be enough to get someone to watch.
EX INTRO: Hi everyone! I finally released episode 56 on my channel “Pro Gamers Only”. I got the chance to collaborate with Tyson and we demolished the Red Team! I put chapter links in the description so you can skip straight to the demolition! Your support is appreciated! I hope you enjoy! Please drop a link so I can take a look at your videos too. 
  • Don’t beg for someone to watch a video/like/subscribe/comment simply because you are impatient. You have to show that you are interested in them before they will have a basic interest in you. Doing this is written off as spam and doesn’t help your channel.
BE HONEST:Hey everyone! Im brand new to YouTube and I would really appreciate your support. If you have a few minutes to take a look at my channel/video and give your thoughts on how I can improve, it would mean so much to me. Please drop your links so I can learn from you! Thanks in advance!’
NOTE: Everyone has something to teach, and everyone has something to learn. Asking for a critique triggers the EGO effect (I know more than you so listen to me) and people will engage with your content simply because you asked for their advice.
ALWAYS BE POLITE: This should be obvious, but it’s not practiced as much as you would think. Simply saying please and thank you goes a long way.
PRO TIP: ‘TIME’ is a currency. It holds value. If someone is going to give you some, be appreciative and express it. The don’t HAVE to give you anything. But they feel as though they can live without that portion. Once time has passed, you can never get it back. Remember that.
EGO: We all have one. Understanding how to stroke an ego and how to use one are very different. Also mentioned in The Science Behind Writing Effective Emails.
When asking someone for their support, try giving them a compliment first. This lowers the spam filter and genuinely opens up the dopamine door and they are less reluctant to pass up taking a look. But don’t be too dramatic about it.
EX: “I just wanted to say how awesome your last video was. I loved how you used comedy to engage your audience. I’m trying to do something similar over on “Awkward Guy Tries To Be Funny”. Feel free to take a look”.
NOTE: This approach is less aggressive, isn’t pressuring at all, and gives them an option to take a look or not. More often than not they will at least hit the page. A view is a view.


There’s a science behind every approach. Some people just want to see numbers. Others don’t know how to communicate effectively so then end up begging for support. But overall, promoting your content shouldn’t come across forcefull or demanding. We chat with people that want to engage with us by saying “like my video”, “watch 3 minutes, comment and like my video. I’ll do it if you do it first’.

This is just a turn off. It reeks of spam and unprofessionalism. The harsh reality is, your brand is your business. Either it’s a YouTube channel, a website, or a blog…it still need to be treated like a business even if you aren’t attempting to make money with it.

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