You probably haven’t heard of this, or maybe you have, but it’s such an effective technique that even automated software gives you the option to “PowerLike” or “SuperLike” while running tasks.

The SuperLike is an Instagram trick that is based on ‘subliminal encouragement’. Here is how you do it! READY?

Go to a profile you want to follow you. Specifically a profile that has either lots of followers, lots of engagement, or is simply in your niche and perform this simple action

  1. FOLLOW them FIRST! (notification 1)
  2. Like their LATEST post (notification 2)
  3. Like their SECOND latest post (notification 3)
  4. Like their THIRD latest post (notification 4)

BOOM! You just performed the SUPERLIKE. Also known by influencers as “FollowLikeLikeLike”.

The science behind it’s effectiveness is simple. You just gave them 4 reasons to follow you. You looked at their profile, examined its conteant, decided to follow them, and engaged with all of their latest posts. What else can we ask for right? this trick is incredibly effective. Sometimes we follow profiles simply because they know about this tactic and are using it effectively.

NOTE: You just provided them with 4 hits of dopamine and a serotonin injection! Everyone is addicted to feeling good! This is why engaging with others content ultimately leads to your own profiles success.

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