Believe it or not, there are other websites that don’t rhyme with ‘YouTube’. Thousands of websites provide the opportunity to watch video, but what about the ones that allow you to upload your own content? Well, we put together the ultimate guide to submitting youtube videos for free!

If you have ever heard of Facebook then you have probably heard of most of these sites. Now, Aphid isn’t just about providing content. We want to add real value to our blog. So we are going to show you exactly how cross promote from one platform to the next. We go into explicit detail in our 3Volve Algorithm which is free to download. We talk about the benefits of cross promotion and why it is so important. With that said let’s get started with some important ideas to understand before beginning your cross promotion process!

The devil is in the details. So this is where you want to start your cross promotion in the description.

Promotion Product Strategy Marketing Concept
Cross promotion is the key to organic traffic.

The concept of organic traffic is being able to direct someone from one place to the next naturally. People don’t like to feel forced to do anything. So demanding them to follow you over on YouTube is not the best approach. Refer to “How To Push Without Being Pushy“. But making an honest suggestion where they can find more content tends to sit better.

“If you enjoyed this content, feel free to follow me on YouTube.”

Hook them with a reason: “Our audience really enjoys the additional content over there”. This is indicating that you have more content that is exclusive to YouTube that they simply won’t receive on DailyMotion. FOMO


YouTube is basically one super long infomercial where everyone is competing for attention. It is designed to be interacted with. They do this in the form of speaking to their audience, asking for shares, provoking engagement and being more in your face. DailyMotion and other platforms are far more reserved.

Putting a finally rendered YouTube video with all the fixins is just going to be a turnoff to anyone on that platform. “I came here to relax, not to be bombarded with snowballs”. Everybody has their preferences and those need to be respected when promoting content.

The best videos contain more of the RAW content. Basically everything before all of the YouTube popups & scrolling letters. Taking a more casual approach on other platforms removes the anxiety from the viewer and allows them to just watch your creation.

In reality, you should be asking yourself “Why do I even make videos? Do I want attention? Make money? Feel popular? Be informative? What am I getting out of all this“.


We were speaking to a professional marketing executive and they brought up this very interesting concept. “People really don’t know why they do most things. They just do them“. This is very true. Most of our actions are out of habit and environmental circumstances. So, getting to the bottom of anything helps bridge the gap between why and how.


Why did you start a YouTube Channel?

Me: I am a professional graphic designer and I thought people would enjoy watching how designs are made

Them: Why?

Me: I think people would appreciate watching how much time goes into each design

Them: Why?

Me: Well, everything we see took time to create and there seems to be a disconnect in value to the creation

Them: Why?

Me: Society is impatient and so quick to judge without attempting to understand

Them: Why?

Me: Most people are self absorbed and don’t express interest in things that directly benefit them

Them: Why?

Me: They have a hard time seeing the value in the art and people around them

Them: Why?

Me: I know first hand what it’s like to work your ass off only for someone to disregard it as a waste of their time

Them: Why?

Me: I wasn’t raised in a supportive family and I want to feel appreciated for my efforts.


THAT, ladies and gentleman, is the real reason why I started a YouTube channel. Yes I make money from it, yes it is tons of work, but getting more likes, views, & watch time helped fill the attention void that has always been the driving force in why I am so outgoing.

Now that I understand exactly why I do what I do, I am able to prioritize how I will use the platform in the future.



DAILYMOTION has received over 300 MILLION visitors since its inception and is the largest on this list.

One of our favorite platforms to submit videos to

Our friends over on UpCity supplied us with this step by step on creating a DailyMotion account.

  • Step 1. Go to
  • Step 2. Click “Sign in” on the upper right-hand corner of the homepage. Then, click “Sign up” in the newly opened modal window. Alternative you can sign up with your Facebook account.
  • Step 3. Enter your Email, Password, and your Date of Birth. Then click, “Next.”
  • Step 4. Create your Public Name, your link URL, and enter the passcode to create your account and complete the process.
  • Step 5. Congratulations! That was quick and painless. Once you’ve completed the process, go to your email address and click the confirmation link to activate your account.

Best Practices for Dailymotion

Here are some more quick tips to help you with your DailyMotion account:

The more videos you can upload, the better. As a quick tip: Begin by adding whatever videos you’ve completed in the past before creating new ones. Whether you are advertising a specific product, a promotion, how to perform a specific procedure, etc., there are so many options for videos! Create content that will help or boost your audience. Valuable video content that satisfies your audience’s needs is crucial.

DailyMotion specializes in 34 localized versions so be sure to check if your location is listed.

Be sure to add keywords to your title, tag, and descriptions for your videos so that they can be easily found on the web and therefore better optimized for search results.

After posting a video on DailyMotion make sure that you always share it on your social sites and blog right after. This step should be a build-in step of the video set-up process. Share your video socially as soon as it’s posted. – UpCity

VIMEO has had over 152 MILLION hits to their website! A major player in the online video world!

  • Step 1. Go to VIMEO Sign Up
  • Step 2. Add your Full Name – EMAIL – PASSWORD
  • Step 3. Pick the package you would like to subscribe to and confirm payment
  • Step 4. Customize your profile and account information
  • Step 5. Check your email for a confirmation link before you can start uploading your content

Here are some helpful tips while using VIMEO provided by our friends at RocketStock.

  • 1. Create Shareable Content

The first thing you need to recognize is that no matter how great your project is, if it’s not shareable it won’t do well online. Some films that succeed at film festivals are duds online, and vice-versa, simply because the mediums and audiences are so different.

If you’re intending to do a big online push for your project, then make sure your idea, length, format, and content is web friendly. That way you’re setting yourself up for success. In a nutshell, shorter is typically better and the messaging and theme of your content should be strong enough to inspire others to share it with their networks.

  • 2. Add Videos to Groups

You have the ability to join Groups on Vimeo and add your video with a single click. This can be done on the video’s page. Click “+ Collections” and then select groups you’re a member of.

Once you take this step, your video will instantly populate the feeds of all of the different groups you’ve chosen and will inevitably garner attention. If you’re on a regular Vimeo account, there’s a limit to how many groups you can add your video to — but on a Pro account, you can add your content to as many groups as you’d like.

Be sure to only post your video in relevant Groups. If you didn’t film on a DSLR, don’t add it to the DSLR film Group. Not only are you spamming, you’re turning off your viewers. Members of groups chose to join for specific reasons. Remember to be part of the community, don’t just dump your video without thought.

  • 3. Have Great Thumbnails and Descriptions

Descriptions should be well written to gain attention. The opening sentence should make someone want to watch your film. This is your pitch. Whatever you put here should be the same thing you are telling a Hollywood exec to green light your project. – RocketStock.

METACAFE is a well knows video platform with a majority of its traffic coming from the United States.

  • Step 1. Go to MetaCafe Sign Up
  • Step 3. Click UPLOAD in the top right
  • Step 4. Start uploading videos
  • Step 5. Check your email for a confirmation link

Here are some tips provided by It Still Works on how to make money on Metacafe

  • Step 1. Visit Metacafe’s website (see Resources below for link). Scroll down to the bottom of the Metacafe home page and click on the link that says “Content Partners” under the heading “Work With Us.” You will need to fill out a basic questionnaire (name, website, email address). The Metacafe team will respond to you with an email to help you set up your content partner account.
  • Step 2. Begin uploading videos to the site. The videos that perform the best are user-created and usually humorous. Developing a niche is a good way to ensure a loyal following. Metacafe pays its partners $5.00 per 1,000 page views. The more interesting your videos are, the more money they can make.

Market the videos you have uploaded to Metacafe. One of the best ways to do this is by having a blog that links to your Metacafe videos. Use Web forums to help spread the word. The goal is to increase visitors to your videos and keep them coming back for more. You will receive an email statement showing visitors to your videos and a monthly payment through PayPal.

VEOH is a great resource! A majority of its traffic is from Japan while 17% is from the US. The more platforms your content is on, the more you traffic your will ultimately receive.

  • Step 1. Go to VEOH
  • Step 2. Click sign up, or log in.
  • Step 3. Enter all the required information
  • Step 4. Click FINISH
  • Step 5. Click on “My Videos” and start uploading

Unlike YouTube, they do not give you a copyright strike if you upload someone’s content. They straight up ban your account forever. So make sure you are loading up as much original content as possible.


Organic traffic is the name of the game. It really doesn’t matter which platform you are attempting to generate traffic from if your videos aren’t quality. So before you go on a huge traffic quest, make sure you take a look at our Quality VS Quantity page and click this #TAG to find similar posts.

The Aphid team is here to help and answer any of your questions so please feel free to reach out!

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