To pay? Or not to pay? That’s always the question.

There are THREE ways to get more views from a promotion standpoint. You can either buy these views through different advertising agencies (very common), you can take the LONG route and ask people to watch your videos or ‘beg‘, or, you can use a social exchange sites and trade view for view. Whichever you choose is entirely up to you! Take a look at this site from Foreign Policy on why you SHOULD buy views! -Article

Every successful person or business has their own “secrets” in achieving results. Secrets that can make a brand popular or a lot of money. This is the same when you talk about creating YouTube videos, getting more subscribers, or views. These tricks and formulas can make you more popular than the other videos. Whether you are a company wanting to advertise a product or an individual wanting to entertain YouTube users, you always reach for a goal to attract people. That is why you always want to get more views on your YouTube videos that can create traffic. Increasing your YouTube video views surely would make you an instant sensation.

With that said, there are easy and simple ways to get more YouTube views. Although there are still secrets that keep people hooked onto your videos. If you want to get more views on your YouTube videos, here are some secrets that every single YouTube video creator should know.

Target audience (who you are creating for)

Know your market (the kind of people who would SURELY be entertained by your videos)

Provide video links (videos that are linked from one to another in order to lead people to more of your content. Also known as a ‘video loop’)

High quality videos (videos that are with high resolution, and clarity of voice) 

Make playlists (make your videos more organized and clean to look at)

PRO TIP: ALWAYS update your YouTube videos! People always want to get the fresh videos and the most entertaining content. 

Forget about your competition and focus on what you are GOOD at! All the other elements will develop in time! Refer to the YouTube Growth Index for the technical details on how to prepare your video for release!

400 hours of footage is uploaded to YouTube EVERY SINGLE MINUTE! Do you know what that means? Creating a great video is not enough. You need to know how to get their attention, hold onto it, and more importantly, how to promote it. In other words; your video content has to be easier to find, easier to click, and entertaining to watch.

TIP: Take sure you create videos people WANT to watch. In other words, high-retention video. The length of time people spend watching your video is ‘audience retention’. Audience retention is one of the huge ranking factors on YouTube. If your videos make people watch till the end, YouTube will rank your videos and show it to more people. Ranking helps your videos appear in other user feeds in similar categories.  – Tips On Adding Value

The question is: How do you make a high-retention video? You’ll need a few things: 

A great story/ writing (everything can be turned into a story

Editing (basic editing can get the job done. Focus on story telling and editing will develop naturally)

Composition (structuring a video to keep the viewers EYES entertained while telling the story)

NOTE: People get tired by ANY topic if their eyes aren’t moving around the page. Humans attention span is around 6 seconds so use this as an opportunity to capture their attention again and glue them to your story.

Most YouTube videos we have watched don’t have a great story. The majority of businesses believe they have a boring product that won’t fit into a story. But with a little bit of creativity, you can make an amazing story for videos.

Editing is crucial and time-consuming part of video creation. The editing process starts with the scripts. Then it moves to the clips to make sure that the actions follow everything.

Composition is all about making sure your videos turn out great. It includes things like having a storyboard and throwing engaging effects. If you manage to pull out all these elements together, you can expect lots more views in every episode.

Comments send a strong signal that people like your videos. It takes a lot of effort for someone to write a comment on a video. How many videos have you watched and said “DAMN! That was awesome”, but you didnt leave a comment? Make sure your episode is engaging enough to attract comments and engagement.

TIP: Tell them to comment in your episode at the end of the video. Ask them a question they can answer or ask what they would like to see in the next episode.

Views are like votes! If more people watch your videos, YouTube will increase your ranking. Period! It doesn’t really matter how you get views as long as you are getting them. This is a common topic for debate.

People don’t share boring videos. We love spreading words about things that make us look good. Videos that reinforce our ideas and supports our beliefs. The more shares you have on your videos, the more views you get. Before you think of doing any promotion to get views and shares. Make sure your videos are optimized for ranking.


It’s not that hard to get those views. But I would like to emphasize one point. Before you do any promotion, make your that you have optimized your video BEFORE you start promoting! The biggest problem most people make is promoting their videos before doing enough optimization. If you want more views, make sure optimization is on point.

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