This is one of those questions we get asked every week. “What is the best video editing software for YouTube”? As simple as it sounds, that’s a bit of a broad question (just kidding, it’s DaVinci Resolve…or is it?). Are we talking simplicity, technical specs, versatility, affordability? We have to take all these elements into perspective before we have a definitive answer.

Decisions decisions. The answer depends on that you are trying to do with your channel.

Every search you are going to find the same results. The results are based on common practice by professionals and users that are active in the software. So the findings are going to be fairly typical. Even THIS page is going to touch on software you have heard of and possibly tried before. We understand that, and we would like to offer a discussion as well as a form to contact us with any questions you may have.

The truth is…THERE IS NO BEST!

There is only what is best for YOU! Not everybody is in the same financial boat or has the same hardware options available to them. Yet, everyone tends to believe that they need the best. Or can afford what is considered best, so it must be the best. That is simply not the truth.

What happens when you purchase a $1,000 piece of software and you only need what the $200 version offers? The possibilities are endless on any budget. We use this standpoint when talking about computers. Macs VS PCs. If you want a workhorse that will last a near lifetime and will just work, buy a Mac. Want a computer with the ability to upgrade to almost any new hardware component? Get a PC. Nuff said.

The same goes for software. Just because you have a high end PC, that doesn’t mean the latest software is going to run stable on your operating system. Same goes for Mac (although you get what you pay for). What we do like to mention is that there are TONS of applications out there that will get the job done. Not just done, but in style and stability. Some are slower than others, some have more features, and all vary in price. So, lets take a look at our favorites in 2019!

1. DaVinci Resolve


Simple, affordable, feature packed!

  • New Fairlight audio processing engine
  • New Multi User Collaboration
  • Support for track colors on the timeline

Mac, Win, Linux Compatible – Dongle Version


We are bias with this software. Mainly because we use it every day. Either we are editing some awesome material for APHID, designing an Ad for a client on Facebook, or creating an entertaining YouTube video for Better Than Bad. The features are so extensive but we only NEED the basics. DaVinci is jam packed with features you will find in Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro and runs stable on Windows 10.

2. Adobe Premier


Industry standard, powerful, simple to use!

  • Powerful
  • Customizable
  • High performance
  • Growing library with CC membership for premium content

Windows 8 / 7, Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion


Adobe Premier has been the “go to” editing software for many years. With advanced features for professionals, and standard features for an amazing user experience. Compatible with Mac and Windows. Once again, depending on what you are looking to accomplish this software is more than enough. We found it to be a bit more complicated than other software. It’s just complicated enough to be daunting, but simplistic enough to be inviting.

3. Final Cut Pro


Affordable, powerful, lots of professional features!

  • Power of Skimming
  • Collapsing/expanding audio components
  • Previewing effects with the Skim tool
  • Find and replace text in titles

Mac OS Only


This software is a beast! Strictly Mac based bit is worth it! Most new Mac platforms come with it pre-installed. This software is the true workhorse of the Mac world and has been designed specifically for simplicity. Obviously you want to make sure you have the necessary components for it to run efficiently, but overall you won’t be disappointed.

4. Adobe After Effects


Industry standard, powerful, simple to use!

  • Powerful
  • Customizable
  • High performance
  • Growing library with CC membership for premium content


Another amazing Adobe product. APHID uses this strictly for animating video introductions and making earth shattering effects. We subscribe to Envato Elements and customize their amazing templates per project. This is essential if you want animate your channel intro (should be 15 seconds or less). This is a beast and higher end components are recommended


Regardless of what you are trying to accomplish, all of these applications have everything you need to edit some incredible video. All of them are highly tested and prestigious in their respective categories. So choosing a platform that works for you shouldn’t be too difficult.

If you want a simplified piece of software that has all the features of higher end applications, DaVinci Resolve is our platform of choice. It’s more of an “all around” solution. DaVinci works best on PC. Depending on project size, hardware, & health of your operating system, you may see a lag here and there. It’s recovery process will generally revive any info if a crash occurred.

Want the best of the best based on price, versatility and stability? Adobe Premiere is our choice. We choose this because of it’s stability on both Windows and Mac OS. Packed with all the features you can ask for!


No matter what your platform of choice is there are still two applications we recommend to have.

Those are Adobe After Effects and Envato Elements. Envato is our favorite website for finding pictures, video, templates, icons, elements, and ideas for every project we have. Everything is professional, formatted for any device, and has amazing search filters to find the perfect resource for your project.

Adobe After Effects: Professional software that works seamlessly with everything from Envato. Drag, drop, edit, render.

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