You probably have a real understanding of how the Instagram game goes. We have our software ready, now its time to keep people on your page.

There are so many techniques that are used to increase engagement, spark interest and grow a profile fast. There is the completely organic way of doing thing, then there are services out there that help you build an amazing page. Either way, now you have followers. Here are our top 4 techniques we use to skyrocket our profiles.

1. Make it about other people, not yourself.

Typically, we post lots of generic pictures with basic captions. Although being personal is one of the most important aspects of keeping followers on your page, you MUST tell a story on they can relate to. You want to provide your audience with real value. That means posting regular topics based in your niche. help them LEARN about topics in your respected nich and keep them looking for new content. This can be taken from a page on your website or a page you found online. The goal is to get them to follow you and engage in your content.

2. Offer a giveaway!

Shopping, sale

Who doesn’t like free stuff? People will take free stuff simply BECAUSE it is free. Weather it’s valuable to them or not. There are THOUSANDS of things to give away for free without even spending a dime. For instance, a PDF full of great information or link to some material they can use on their own profile.

Obviously custom products work best. So if there is something you can get that is cost effective and works in your niche, start a contest! Its as easy as creating a free landing page and sending people to the page with your profile link.

PRO TIP: allows you to create a drop down menu and use it in your profile. When users click that link, it pulls up all the links you set up on your linktree account. So, they may be looking for the link to win free stuff, but now you just put additional links for them to choose from. This is the concept “We came for the food, but stayed for the music

3. Attract influencers who want to share your content.

Remember the Superlike? This is why it’s important! You don’t have to be an influential person to do a giveaway to gain followers. If an influencer gives you a shout-out, you can gain a lots of traction. Reaching out to a larger profile is common practice and is encouraged. Find a profile that inspires you, implement one of their teachings or use one of their products, and show them you take them seriously and respect their influence. More often than not, they will at least give you a reply or possibly feature you on their page!

NOTE:Social media influencers can get paid over $100,000 PER POST if their influence is great enough.


80% of ALL ads are videos. Video traffic is the #1 source for informative content and that’s why YouTube is the second MOST visited website next to Google!

Creating videos does some very important things for you:

  • People stay on your page longer
  • They are more inclined to leave a response
  • They prefer watching a video over skimming an image
  • It’s more entertaining

If you don’t have a YouTube channel already, now is the time to get one!

The marketing technique is simple: Make an informative or entertaining video for YouTube, put the highlights on Instagram, encourage your followers to watch the entire video! YouTube is one of the most profitable and versatile platforms to generate traffic. Either you can send followers to your Instagram profile, or from Instagram to your YouTube channel!

YouTube Services for video ranking

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