Twitter now allows 280 characters up from its original 140. Even with the increase, it is important that you be as effective as possible with your phrasing of each tweet. Let’s break down the elements and design an awesome tweet.


280 characters is basically one paragraph. This includes your hashtags and links. It is enough to spark interest in your readers within a few sentences. The best tweets generally open around a question or a bold statement.

INTRO: Question Phrases

1. Did you know that lemon juice can help prevent an apple from browning?

2. What in the world is ‘Fracking’ anyway?

Bold Statements:

1. Stubbing your toe is way worse than stepping on legos! Prove me wrong!

2. Obama’s vocabulary supersedes Trump’s fantastical vernacular! You know I’m right!

Both of these techniques are designed to capture an audience with a short attention span. Emphasizing certain words keeps yours eyes entertained but also brings attention to the keywords.


Following your intro of the tweet, this is where we work on content and structure. We want to make sure we give more information on the topic but not too much. Essentially, you want to ‘hook’ them with a teaser. Using an introduction from above…

“Stubbing your toe is way worse than stepping on legos! Prove me wrong! Even worse, stubbing your toe after stepping on a lego! Let’s just say, I wish they never threw away my crutches away”!

This technique sparks an emotional reaction. Which the reader is well aware of what it feels like to do both of those things. Emotional posts and keywords is the primary element that helps videos go viral. Explained in the Insiders Program.

Lastly, you want to close out with another hook or another teaser to the content you are sharing or retweeting. Such as a website, video, or picture.

OUTRO: “Thank goodness I found this amazing site that sells RUBBER LEGOS! Now where can I find some steel toed boots?”

PRO TIP: Unless you are Twitter famous, always use a link or some type of visual content to attract attention.

Businesswoman sitting on couch holding icon
Using the best hashtag for your post dramatically increases engagement


Just like Instagram, they are incredibly important! This ensures you are placing your content in the correct categories.

Ritetag is a site that will pick the best Twitter tags for your content. Finding the right one is drastic. So here is some things to keep in mind before you pick your primary tags.

Choose only one! Tweets with more than one hashtag see a decline in engagement, correlated to the number of hashtags used.

Twitter hashtags with 18 characters perform best, while tweets with longer hashtags see a sharp decline in engagement.

EX: #TestingYourHashtags = 18

Unless your content has the keyword(s) in it already, just save it for the bottom.


Tagging is an amazing way to get your tweets noticed!

Generally, you don’t want to tag specifically at someone unless you are speaking to them, replying to something they said, or are associated with them directly. This is great when you are trying to engage a conversation publically with a person or profile.

Remember, everyone can see the tweet so make sure it is exactly what you want to say.

EX: @aphidinconline

You can tag more than one person at a time without running out of characters. Tagging topics and people is like a superpower. So use responsibly so your account doesn’t get banned for harassment.


Now, unlike Instagram, to really get your Twitter on autopilot you want to start posting around 5 – 20 times per day. This is for maximum engagement. Once you have a dedicated following and your tweets are being shared it’s good practice to post more.

Google has some amazing results on software and websites that will post your content on your behalf. It is worth taking a look if time is of the essence. Twitter is cracking down on bot software but APHID has you covered with some bots of our own.


You can have the most amazing knowledge to share but picking a platform to share it on effectively takes practice. The art of creating an effective tweet obviously comes with practice. We use Twitter to generate traffic back to Aphid Inc by sharing a blog post. With a decent image, a catchy title, and awesome content, you can easily pull visitors to your landing page of choice.

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