There are lots of different techniques to keep in mind when growing a twitter profile. Knowing what to do and knowing why they work are equally important. 
1. Follow notifications trigger a dopamine release in the brain that contributes to the feeling of ‘happy’ which intrigues curiosity. 

Most commonly when someone sees a notification of their profile being followed they look into who it came from. There are tons of profiles out there that simply want to grow their Twitter profile for the sake of looking popular. There is nothing wrong with that. You just want to keep in mind that you shouldn’t follow everyone that follows you. 

If the profile seems unrelated to your niche then they are probably just following you in the hopes that you will follow back. This trick is more effective in the instagram community. Specifically referring to the superlike technique. 

2. Everyone likes affirmations that they have been heard. So commenting on a post proves that you are interested.

It’s true! We all have something to teach and we all have something to learn. Unless we are just trying to get something off our chest, we generally want to be understood and engaged with. After all, that’s what the whole comment section is for.  

3. Bots do enormous amounts of work for your page as they are generally working constantly to push your content.

We admit it, we love Bots! Since over 20% of all internet traffic is generated by “non-human” entities, it only makes sense to have a bot army of our own. One of the most effective automated solutions is using Social Exchange sites. These sites drastically help promote all of your content by automatically liking, sharing, tweeting, viewing, playing, & commenting on similar pages 24/7.

4. Tweet others the way you want to be tweeted.

This is one of our favorite quotes. Ideally the concept should be carried across all social media platforms. It’s simple; engage with other profiles in the ways you would like them to engage with yours. It’s all give and take. The long term objective is to give a ton of interaction and build social relationships. People tend to forget that social networking used to be done verbally. Now, we just type a bunch of thoughts and walk away. Which removes the humanistic feel to engagement. This is exactly why we don’t automate comments.

5. What you do for others are generally reciprocated by subliminal obligation. We have a subconscious desire to reciprocate to satisfy our own need for approval. 

The science behind this is actually really simple. When someone does something nice for us we generally have a psychological and physical desire to return the favor. We almost feel as though we owe them something even though they asked for nothing in return. This is a tactic that losts of agencies use to spark engagement.

Young friends sharing food at coffee shop
Sharing is caring. Just saying

6. Sharing someone’s profile or content is probably one of the BEST things you can do to grow your own profile. Contributing to their growth ultimately leads to your own. 

Interacting with more active profiles throws your profile straight into traffic. The more you interact, the more people see you interacting. Certain actions can be automated and utilized strategically. To really get seen, you have to put yourself out there. leave your comments, like their posts, & share their profiles. Nobody is gonna say “Thanks for sharing my profile and interacting with my content, can you please stop”. If they actually have the nerve to do that then they are in the wrong game. 

7. Make sure to give more information on the topic but not too much. Essentially, you want to ‘hook’ them with a teaser.

This is in reference to The Art Of An Effective Tweet. When writing catchy titles to generate interest in the topic we want to make sure to be captivating but not too informative. Twitter only allows 240 characters so it is important that we get familiar with writing effective tweets. As my biology teacher used to say “Like a skirt. Long enough to cover everything, but short enough to cover everything”.

8. Unless you are Twitter famous, ALWAYS use a link or some type of visual content to attract attention.

90% of what people notice first is it’s visual appeal. Naturally, we are attracted to successful people. Or at least what we believe what success looks like. So using an image that represents your contents vibe, or the preview image of a link you are sharing from your site needs to capture their attention. Unless your profile has reached viral status, its best to use video or images in every tweet. This is why memes have become one of the most effective marketing solutions.

9. Unless your content has the keyword(s) in it already, just save it for the bottom.

Tailwind is our favorite Instagram automation tools. It recently released a “hide your tags” feature that will clean up your posts by automatically puts your tags in the first comment instead of in the post itself. Keeping your posts looking clean and professional. Now, for Twitter it is a bit different.

With a limited character count it’s more effective to put your hashtags at the bottom of the upload instead of using them throughout the post. 

10. Post around 5 – 20 times per day. This is for maximum engagement.

This Twitter tip seems like a lot and it really is. Especially if you are trying to grow more than one profile simultaneously. That’s why Crowdfire exists. This app has you pick specific tags related to your niche and populates the latest articles that your base may be interested in reading. You add your Twitter profile along with Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and even Twitch. Just pick the posts you want to automate and it will post on your behalf 24/7.

11. Tagging topics and people is like a superpower. So use responsibly so your account doesn’t get banned for harassment.

We all know how this works. We hear it on the radio every morning and on all media outlets. “Did you read the Twitter feud between Kim Kardashian and Tony Danza”?

So, people are able to directly speak to a profile or person publically. This needs to be taken with a strategic approach. If you are going to tag someone, make sure the public debate is exactly what you are ready for. Then again, this is a powerful tool to spark engagement on a related topic. 

When All Is Said And Done

Twitter is an incredibly active platform. Even though only 20% of the profiles on the platform speak english, there are hundreds of thousands of dollars being made every day through Affiliate Marketing, sales funnels, and strategic marketing tactics.

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