Using hashtags in your YouTube Video is the most important when organizing your content in the right categories. Not only does it help your video rank in the appropriate niche but is a key component in being found organically on search engines. 

For instance, when we organize anything such as books we place thrillers with thrillers, drama with drama etc etc. So using appropriate tags and phrases ensures your video falls unter the correct category. I mean, you wouldn’t put your product unboxing video in the celebrity makeup section unless of course you are #unboxing #celebrity makeup. See how that works? It is the PRIME element that gives your content the head start at being seen.

Now, just because you used the appropriate tags and phrases doesn’t guarantee a single person will see it, thats where SEO comes into play. Below is a list of tools you can use to find the absolute BEST tags for your video. This is the THIRD layer of SEO.
  • Google: Use Google to find phrases that people may enter to find or describe your video using their autocomplete.
  • YouTube: Same as Google. Use the autocomplete to find phrases people have already used for similar videos
  • Keywords Everywhere: A free Chrome browser add-on that analyzes Google searches and prints their the keyword popularity. Also gives similar search terms used.
  • VidIQ: Seriously one of the best browser extensions around. Free is great but worth the $5 hands down!

The software to use on a PC that does it all for you is Tube Viper X and ScrapeBox. Free for our Insiders.


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  • Tube Viper X: Extremely powerful software that will pull all of the information (including tags) used by the highest ranking videos. Copy, paste, post.
  • ScrapeBox: The built in keyword scraper is amazing. Also great for using those keywords or phrases to find available web domains to buy that match your search criteria.


Obviously the more tags you use the more categories it will ultimately fall into. YouTube allows 500 characters or roughly 30 tags. So using the best tags are important. I recommend VidIQ for this as it will run a check system to make sure you have filled all the details in correctly. Free version in great but paid is better.


Using the appropriate tags may be the most important element to focus on. If you are mislabeling them, they will end up in the wrong categories and you will lose view counts. Tube Viper X is our favorite as it will examine individual channels and videos and scrape all the information they used to rank a video. Simply copy those tags and details and put your own spin on it.  

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