Replying is another term for commenting on a public post.

In doing so, this sparks interest and curiosity by the creator of the post. Think of it like this; when you are speaking to someone, are you just speaking to hear yourself speak or are you interested in a response? A response right?

Well, everyone likes affirmations that they have been heard. So commenting on a post proves that you are interested. Therefore, the the post creator feels inclined to respond BACK to you. (usually by liking what your wrote).

Reply also means exactly that. Reply to everyone that comments on your post. This makes them feel like their contributions are appreciated. As they should be if they are expressing interest in your content.

But, this is something that can get tedious nowadays due to all the BOTs that are auto-commenting, auto-retweeting. auto-liking etc.

They even have auto-messengers or auto-responders. The network is flooded with this technology. This isn’t a bad thing. If done right it can do great things for your social presence.

Bots do enormous work for your page as they are generally working constantly to push your content.

Most commonly used on social exchange sites.


Overall its beneficial for your profile. Unless someone is just sending you pointless comments or not positively contributing to the post, it a good idea to maintain active engagement. We speak with like like minded entrepreneurs every day simply because they expressed interest. Remember, everyone has something to teach, and everyone has something to learn.

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