We can tell people about a awesome story we heard from someone else, or, we can hear it from the source. This is why sharing a profile is important.

We have all played the game telephone. You tell her, she tells him, he tells you and now the information is slightly diluted when it gets back. Humans want to be understood. They speak loudly, aggressively, and as precise as possible.

From a marketing standpoint there is a great quote we can all stand behind.

Don’t say anything you wouldn’t want plastered on a billboard with your face next to it”.

Robot artist, wooden easel and the handwritten picture.

Sharing someone’s profile or content is probably one of the best things you can do to grow your own profile. Contributing to their growth ultimately leads to your own. It sparks massive engagement which brings people to their profile and throws you right into traffic. Intercepting traffic is an essential elements for finding people who are generally interested in who you are or what you have to offer. That’s why Facebook created groups. Everyone with a similar interest gets to hang out with one another.

The more you engage with others content, the more opportunities you create to have your responses noticed. It’s really interesting the ay this whole social media game works. Most people want to get engagement but don’t know how engage. That’s why you see so many people begging for your support opposed to giving you a legit reason to. This is why quality will always win over quantity.

Lots of times, we don’t even respond but have something to say. That’s because someone else said it even better and is already receiving the appreciation. Following and sharing these profiles drastically helps create some action on your profile as well.

NOTE: It’s a good practice to follow people in your respected niche. Otherwise, even though you are sharing their profile and interacting with their content, it still comes off as spammy. Which is just a turn off.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve followed someone simply because they said something I like on a mutual profile. Guess what happens, they generally follow back and check your page out. If your pages are similar or promote similar content, then it only makes sense to support each other.

Twitter has this very interesting notification that activates when multiple people start following someone else. Instagram has a similar techniques when you like 3 or more images from a specific hashtag. They drop a notification in your feed that you should consider following the hashtag for more awesome content.

When multiple people follow you it sends out an update that (x amount of profiles) started following you. It’s basically Twitter saying Hey, look over here! This is where all the cool kids are going“.

Like a flock of birds heading in a new direction. Curiosity is a powerful tool and always wins!

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