How important is it really? Lots of new YouTubers seem believe that writing what the episode is about is more than enough. That’s just not the truth.

An effective description isn’t only about telling your viewers what to expect in your video. It’s providing all the necessary details your viewers need to get in contact with you and remain engaged as well as the SEO info search engines will use to find your episode via search. 
There are a few reasons why writing an effective description is important:
  1. It gives the visitor additional information about what to expect
  2. It allows you to link to your other social pages such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  3. It keeps a visitor on your page longer and subtly encourages engagement. Such as commenting on the video.
  4. It provides a important layer it SEO
PRO TIP: Give them a reason to view the description using eye catching phrases. Provide a link titled “FREE” or “LEARN” then link to an element you used in the episode. Such as the software you used or the location you pulled the data from or even a download. Everyone love free stuff. Studies has shown that people will accept most things labeled FREE even if what is being offered doesn’t pertain to them. There are lots of places online to find free stuff to give away. Google is your best bet. 
PRO TIP 2: Shorten your channel subscription link with BITLY then place in the very first sentence of your description. Go to your channel, copy the address, then add ( ?sub_confirmation=1 )
EX: then head to BITLY and shorten it. This also allows you to track how many times that link has been clicked and from what pages. Knowing where and how many times your links are being click is important for understanding where your traffic is coming from. 
PRO TIP 3: #Hashtag every single word from your title in your description. 
EX: If your title is “A Heartfelt Poem For My Stepmother – True Story”, an effective description would be In todays episode I am rehearsing a #heartfelt #poem I wrote for my #stepmother. Sadly, this is a #true #story.
Remember, when you share your link, the first few sentences show up in the link preview when sharing. Putting your channel or website link in the beginning gets people curious. Repeat the title using #hashtags for every word. Continue with 3 to 4 sentences describing what to expect. After you paragraph has been written it’s time to add your additional links.
PRO TIP 4: People respond when using ALT CODES or symbols as it makes things look more official. Use there to separate the additional information such as social links or downloads.
Action camera in waterproof case

These codes below work the best:

  • [ihc-hide-content ihc_mb_type=”block” ihc_mb_who=”unreg,1″ ihc_mb_template=”1″ ]
    • ( • ○ ) Use these when making a bullet point link
    • ( ♫ l ) Use these next to music links or separating content
    • ( ► ◄ ) Use these to point or highlight something important
    • ( ▲ ▼ ) Use these to give direction. Such as the links above ▲ and below ▼
    • ( ░ ▌) Use these to create blocks of content or group a section
    • ( © ® ) Use these to copyright a phrase or term like APHID Inc©
    • ( ° ♥ ) Use these to spark emotion and provide a vibe.


If your video is informative enough or engaging in the slightest people are going to want to know more. Either they want to respond to your call to action, contact you, follow you on social media or grab that free download. Writing incredible YouTube descriptions isn’t difficult but it is one of the most important aspects or ranking a video. Google and YouTube have very unique algorithms that use word relevance to rank a videos popularity. It’s not just about how many views your video has but how accurate your SEO is. Feel free to get as descriptive as you like but make sure you’re not overdoing it as people may skip over anything that seems overwhelming. 

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