YouTube has over 400 hours uploaded EVERY minute with over 1 BILLION users online every month! That is 1/7th of the ENTIRE world’s population on ONE website!

The media platform caters to every audience you can imagine! From gamers, vloggers, sales professionals, artists, designers, product reviews, tech answers, and everything in between. What does this mean? There is an audience for every niche you can imagine.

What is the number ONE problem with so much diversity? Finding your audience and getting views! 

At #2, YouTube is one of the most visited websites today and has an EVAST warehouse of footage. Used by regular people, businesses, organisations, governments and regular media. YouTube has become the video-sharing website of choice everywhere, letting users from almost anywhere both watch and upload videos to share with the world. 

These videos include movie clips, series fragments, music videos and live shows on the part of professional content providers. The film industry and TV corporations realised the reach of this video platform and started to make their content available through it (via special partnerships) for anyone to watch. 

But the true appeal of YouTube is that it also allows any web amateur to upload any kind of short or original video. 


  • Over 70% of ALL web traffic now comes from video
  • Videos posted on Facebook are shared TWICE as often as written or image based content 
  • YouTube now reaches more US adults than ever before

A concept we like to mention and try not to forget is this; if 99% of the WORLD’S population DIDN’T like your content, that still leaves 100,000,000 people on earth that WILL!

YouTube killed Blockbuster and most people receive their content on this website.

What we tend to forget is that YouTube is owned by Google! The most visited website in the world. They have made finding content unbelievably convenient and fast!

As a content creator, it is important that we reach an audience that appreciates our work. Viral channels can make MILLIONS per year just doing what they love. As the standards have been raised for a channel to be monetized, so has the competition. If you have a Gmail account, technically you have a channel. 

APHID inc has gathered priceless material, studied, practiced, and developed a steady workflow that anyone can follow to help their channel reach success. Depending on what your definition of ‘success’ is, it can take quite some time to meet the new YouTube requirements.

1,000 YouTube subscribers and 4,000 hours watched are required in to start monetizing organic traffic. We were able to monetize in just a few months and intend to provide everything you need all in one place

If you find yourself unable to reach the audience that will appreciate your work, Aphid is the one stop shop to all the additional elements that need to be practiced in order to grow organically and professionally. Join the Insiders Program today!